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Hire HTML5 Games Developer, Who Combines Industry-Specific Expertise.

There is an incredible variety of options for developing games and dynamic websites available to developers with HTML5, the fifth version of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). They can perfectly represent content on PCs and smartphones, regardless of platform, as well as create animations without Flash. HTML5 games developers develop web apps in no time with JavaScript, apps that can run on all smartphones.

The advantage of HTML5 in game development consists of high portability and the fact that HTML5 requires no installation. The games can be played on mobile devices directly in the browser, without installing them through an app store.

The future of online games is already here with HTML5!

What an HTML5 developer considers easy,

needs expertise

A good HTML5 game has imaginative design, smooth and fast game play and impressive animations – it looks easy and is fun to play!

To be able to do this, an HTML5 games developer needs technical expertise and needs to remain up to date on all the current trends in the games industry. HTML5 developers are always a step ahead of other developers, and are on the lookout for innovative ways to implement new game ideas. Their creativity is unstoppable.

HTML5 games developers do not only develop new games, but will also enhance the performance of existing games. They are versatile in any project!

Outsourcing4work offers you artistic talent

and technical skill

If you are looking for an HTML5 games developer, who combines industry-specific expertise and artistic talent, and who will reliably develop or optimize HTML5 games in your project, then you are in the right place. Take advantage of our experience and our range of HTML5 games developers for your project!

The HTML5 games developers we would like to introduce you to come from our professional partner companies in India, the world’s largest Outsourcing market, and will develop HTML5 games from your requirements for your project. They are highly trained and not only have a degree in computer science, but also have at least three years of professional experience in international projects.

Our business model Outsourcing made in germany. will benefit you with its transparent and clear cost structure, and with the advantages we give you as a European company. You will obtain a knowledgeable and highly qualified HTML5 games developer as a member of your team – without any administrative or insurance obligations related to hiring them – who will concentrate fully on your project.

With contracts in German or English, and based in the European legal system, you will be on the safe side from the start! A German and English speaking project manager will be available to you during European business hours to ensure that you are always up to date on the progress of your project and the work of your HTML5 developer. You will not find any better alternatives.

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Our business model Outsourcing made in germany. and us are available, and look forward to hearing from you either via email or on the phone. We will then quickly get back in touch to discuss the various options for you to quickly welcome the right HTML5 games developer into your team.