Professionals wanted:game tester for software companies

The dream of every gamer: try out the latest games, and get paid for it! No wonder many companies employ game testers in part-time jobs. You have to distinguish between testers who work for a game company, and testers who check valuations and age ratings. A professional game tester however can do much more: they help identify errors in the software so that the game play of future consumers is not affected. This is an important task and should not be carried out by amateurs. Ultimately, the software company’s reputation might depend on it!

Game tester is not a summer job

A game tester is a highly qualified person: as a tester, they need to understand how software and hardware work and how they respond to each other. In addition to the technical know-how, excellent English skills are necessary because the entire communication and error documentation is done in English. Other languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese are also an advantage.

A professional game tester is a sought-after professional. The discovery and description of errors requires continuous further training and only the best and more meticulous game testers can hope for perfect work results.

Professionalism is the highest priority for:

game testers

outsourcing4work supports clients in Europe with offshore outsourcing. The professionalism, knowledge and quality of our employees are our first priority. A further advantage is the financial benefits we can offer our clients with our affordable solution of outsourcing to India. outsourcing4work works with reputable and renowned partner companies on the subcontinent, the world’s largest outsourcing market. These companies in turn only employ well-educated, experienced and permanently employed employees to be game testers.

This potential is supplemented with

special services:

  • Seriousness and confidence: we have German and English speaking project managers, and the project language is German or English. You can depend on European work and office hours, and contracts which are written in German or English and are based in the European legal system.
  • Flexibility and minimal risk: our game testers are employed at our partner companies, which means you can react flexibly to peaks and bottlenecks, and are not dependent on your own employees.
  • Relief from cumbersome administrative duties: outsourcing4work takes over all administrative tasks in the execution of its clients projects.
  • Excellent value for money: only the time actually proven to be worked will be billed.
  • Continuous information: we continuously keep you up to date on your project’s objectives and its current status.

outsourcing made in germany. offers all this to you. We can therefore meet the specific demands of the European market.

Take us at our word!

No matter which project or task you need a game tester for. It’s worth a try with outsourcing4work. With our knowledgeable employees, attractive conditions and risk protection, you can successfully tackle any software project. Briefly describe your project to us and we will give you an offer. We look forward to your call!