Game developers: creative, knowledgeable, cool

Game developers are sought-after specialists for numerous companies, from start-ups to publicly traded companies. However, large companies often set high standards. Their games are becoming more and more technically and graphically complex, making the gaming experience for users more realistic – or, depending on the genre, more fantastical.

For these companies a good game developer is their most valuable asset, some are truly invaluable. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult for smaller companies to be able to compete with large, newly developed products. outsourcing4work offers a compelling solution for companies of every size.

We have a lot of experience to offer:

game developers from outsourcing4work

outsourcing4work’s clients benefit from our stable business relationships to our partner companies in India, the largest market for game developers worldwide. We then provide our clients in Europe with game developers with virtually any require expertise and experience. Here is an overview of their skills and knowledge:


  • Game physics
  • Level creation
  • High end graphics quality
  • Memory management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Multiplayer technologies

Native technologies

  • Unity3D
  • Augmented reality
  • Parse
  • Mono develop
  • iOS
  • Windows OS
  • Windows phone SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Facebook SDK


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows phone
  • Mac OS X / Windows PC
  • Flash

Tools / APIs from third-parties/libraries

  • Social networking
  • AdMob
  • Tapjoy
  • Etcetra
  • Game Center
  • NGUI
  • StoreKit
  • Chart Boost
  • iAd
  • SM 2
  • Appwrap
  • EZ-GUI
  • Revmob
  • Crashlytics
  • Flurry
  • iTween

In addition, if you do not see the skills you need on this list, we will find and provide the game developer you need.

Offshore outsourcing close to home

Game developers often work in international teams. Nevertheless, some companies still hesitate to outsource their projects. For them outsourcing4work has created the concept of ‘outsourcing made in germany.’, which offers our clients access to all the benefits of outsourcing, but protects them from all the possible risks at the same time.

With outsourcing made in germany. we enable our clients to integrate a game developer just as closely and seamlessly into their team in Europe as if they were sat next door. Or we will create an entire game developer team that will work just as easily, smoothly and productively with their client in Europe. How does that work?

Project managers from outsourcing4work work in Europe, speak German, English and some Hindi, and are a direct point of contact for our clients during European office hours and guide your project to success. They communicate directly with our clients and our employees in India and head off communication difficulties or misunderstandings during cooperation.

The project language for our clients is German or English. We do not expect any foreign language skills from our clients. Our contracts are also in German or English and our clients enjoy the security of the European legal system.

And last, but not least, outsourcing4work has been active on the European market for nearly 20 years, has built an excellent reputation, and takes its responsibility to its clients in Europe very seriously.

Players wanted

There’s just one player missing before we can start the game: you. Let us go over your needs together. Free of charge and without obligation, of course. We will recommend you knowledgeable and experienced game developers with the right profile.  The decision and selection is then entirely up to you. One thing is important to us: the low rates that we can offer our clients are not “pay to win”, but rather “play to win”.