Looking for a functional tester? We’ll help!

Let’s assume that your company has developed new software. Are you sure that everything works like you imagine it will? The entire program runs smoothly, there are no unintentional errors, no undesirable results will occur and the users will be completely satisfied? Are you really sure? If not, you should rely on a functional tester. A functional tester will find out if, your software can really do everything it promises – on the other hand it also tests what isn’t working. This is called the functional testing of software.

Functional testers are sought-after experts in the software industry

A functional tester checks and evaluates software to comply with the requirements defined for its use and to measure its quality. The findings will be used to detect and troubleshoot problems. Function tests during the development phase are to bring the software into error-free operation. This means that a functional tester is a sought-after expert who brings many skills with them from their excellent training, expertise in the software field, continuous further education and many years of experience. But functional testers in the field of software testing are often in short supply, and are not available to be hired for a permanent position. The alternative: functional testers who work as a freelancer.

Functional tester: better permanently employed than self-employed

Many companies who rely on functional testing are reluctant to use the services of freelancers. It can be uncertain if the freelancers actually have the desired qualifications and whether they are really as flexible as they present themselves to be. But permanently employing a functional tester is not necessarily worthwhile for many companies, who then lose their flexibility. If the order situation is not very rosy, the permanently hired employee must still have work.

A good solution: outsourcing made in germany

outsourcing4work GmbH offers you a solution to your dilemma. It supports customers in Europe with offshore outsourcing – with the professionalism, expertise and quality of developers from India. outsourcing4work cooperates with reputable and renowned partner companies in India, the world’s largest outsourcing market. The Indian partner companies themselves only employ highly trained, experienced and permanently employed employees as functional testers.

And this is what companies who rely on temporary employees from India can expect:

  • Unlimited flexibility: you will have access to first-rate employees – only as many as you need and only as long as you need them for.
  • European contact person: you will find German and English speaking project managers at outsourcing4work. They are available during European work and office hours; contracts are made under European law.
  • Customized availability: functional testers hired through outsourcing4work are permanently employed at our partner companies. This means a full availability of workers depending on the need.
  • Administrative relief: outsourcing4work takes over all administrative tasks in the management of its client’s projects.
  • Low rates: only the time actually proven to be worked will be billed.
  • Complete transparency: You will continuously be kept up to date with the status of your projects – guaranteed!

Let us lead you to success!

We find that there are many reasons to rely on outsourcing made in germany. What do you think? Get in touch with us and let us begin a successful partnership, right from the start of your project. Nothing can go wrong. Functional testing is one of the most important steps in the market introduction of software. Don’t miss this critical first step and take advantage of the opportunities we can offer you!