FAQ 1: Who owns the rights to the source code?

The respective client owns all the rights to the source code.

FAQ 2: Who is our contact when the software developer is working in India?

We provide every client with a German and English speaking contact partner located in Europe. They will coordinate the work of the developer in India and the collaboration with the client in Europe. They are the first point of contact for any questions or problems and will assume the overall responsibility for the project at Outsourcing4work.

FAQ 3: Who will be our contract partner?

Your contract partner will be Outsourcing4work GmbH, an established company for nearly 20 years.

FAQ 4: How can we make sure that our ideas or codes are not being misused?

We are signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our customers. All our employees and partners signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as well. Therefore it is assured that all employees involved in a project, are bound to discretion and confidentiality.

FAQ 5: How will our code and our intellectual property be protected?

We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our clients. All of our employees and partners have also signed non-disclosure agreements. This ensures that all parties involved are legally bound to confidentiality, and to the confidential treatment of sensitive information.

FAQ 6: Will the time difference have an influence on our collaboration with the developers in India?

Our software developers do most of their work during European office hours.

FAQ 7: Can we have a project realised at a fixed price?

Yes, we are happy to realise your projects at fixed prices. This requires a complete and detailed description of your project.

FAQ 8: How are the working hours of the developers in India recorded? How can you ensure that the employees are working productively?

Our employees use time-tracking software. It starts at the beginning of the work and recognises longer breaks. In addition, a monitoring software takes screenshots of the screen every few minutes. This clearly documents the work of each employee and the steps of progress.

You will only find actual working time on your bill. You do not pay for breaks, holidays, sick days or public holidays.

FAQ 9: Are we only able to hire a full-time software developer?

No, you can also hire part-time software developers at outsourcing4work.

FAQ 10: How long will we be bound by a contract?

We are very flexible and focus on our clients’ requirements. Contracts are agreed upon individually with each client according to their needs and requirements.

FAQ 11: What does "providing developers" mean?

When we say we provide developers, it means that we provide you with highly qualified developers with degree who will work exclusively for your company and your project. They will work remotely for you in our office in India, and they are managed by us. In case you have questions or problems there will always be project support for you in Europe.