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Delphi is a development environment for object oriented Pascal, a language that has been extremely common since the mid-1990s. It is used to program Windows applications and contains a powerful Pascal Compiler, visual components and the ability to create database programs.

Despite recent “trends” like Java or C#, Delphi developers are still highly sought after in many areas. Delphi developers like to use very stable RAD environments for native or distributable Windows software, as they often don’t have much time for programming.

Attention beginners!

Delphi developers need a solid education

Getting started in Delphi and learning the basics is relatively easy. Therefore, many students and aspiring developers use this language as a general introduction to software development. Unfortunately, some developers regard themselves as fully-fledged Delphi developers long before they have acquired sufficient knowledge and experience to handle or to be able to take advantage of the almost unlimited possibilities of this powerful tool. Therefore, the quality of Delphi developers can vary massively, and clients are once again tasked with finding employees who can expertly and efficiently solve set tasks.

Often, the best way to find a knowledgeable Delphi developer is based on rates. Developers with extensive experience and impressive references are well aware of their value and demand high rates. Clients with small budgets are often only able to hire a small number of cheaper Delphi developers, whose lack of knowledge shows in the quality of their work. A considerable risk.

Top level support: Outsourcing4work advises and helps

As an experienced Outsourcing service provider, Outsourcing4work offers you, our clients, real added value: our concept of ‘Outsourcing made in Germany’ allows you access to qualified and knowledgeable Delphi developers, who process your orders at your location or in India, the largest Outsourcing-market in the world. Our projects, clients and employees are supervised and coordinated by European project managers, who are available in Europe during European office hours. That is the decisive advantage of Outsourcing made in Germany. In this way we ensure the smooth running of all projects and are also personally available to our clients at any time.

Another advantage of working together with Outsourcing4work:

    • European contractors headquartered in Weiterstadt, Germany
    • Contracts in German or English, with a European legal system
    • The project language is German or English, no language barriers
    • Motivated, well-educated and team-oriented specialists who are employed at reputable partner companies in India. They receive fair rates and benefit from good working conditions.
    • Comprehensive care and a constant exchange of information, which enables you to always know the current work status of “your” Delphi developers.
    • Always free capacity and maximum flexibility during peak or off-peak periods
    • No need to take care of any administrative or legal obligations that would need to be done when employing Delphi developers
    • Time-based invoicing or fixed price (in fully defined projects). You are only invoiced for the productive working time of our Delphi developers; we do not charge you for downtime or breaks.
    • We are able to offer you our services at surprisingly reasonable prices, even with the attractive rates we pay our employees.

This all makes Outsourcing made in Germany, a performance package that other providers find hard to match. Take advantage of the excellent Delphi developers who will work on your projects knowledgeably and at competitive rates, without effort or risk.

Now it’s your turn!

Get in touch with us via email, on the phone or in person to get more information on the opportunities we have to offer. Just give us a brief description or your project or tasks, and you’ll receive more information within 24 hours. Once you match your requirements you can welcome your new Delphi developer into the team in just a few days.