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Database developers currently have excellent career opportunities;the IT branch is becoming more specific in its tasks and requirements, and therefore specialists of all kinds are desperately wanted. Database developers are responsible for creating and managing databases. Database developers work with classic systems such as MySQL and Oracle for larger projects, and even Microsoft Access is still used.

Database developers work knowledgeably, securely and professionally

Many young companies use younger and more modern databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB, TaffyDB and PouchDB. This leads to new and interesting errors that were previously unknown. Working with databases and fixing the errors of such database projects is an important task for a database developer.

Database developers also deal with the development of ER models and ETL processes. They implement data models and database designs, analyze and develop new database requirements and resolve error messages. The development and structuring of new databases are therefore just as important as the continuous optimization of the old structures. In addition, so is elaborating on technical concepts and documentation, such as paying attention to the active contribution in developing the portal architecture. This all just shows that database developers need to bring a lot of expertise to software development and continuously educate themselves.

But how can companies find a knowledgeable database developer?

The answer: outsourcing with outsourcing4work

Outsourcing is the solution when you quickly need an educated and experienced database developer for your database project; numerous international companies already rely on outsourcing. The Indian market – thanks to its excellently educated employees in the world’s largest outsourcing market – offers European IT companies great opportunities for services in the area of database development. outsourcing4work offers you these services: as an experienced outsourcing company we offer our clients access to the Indian labour market. Our partner companies in India are members of our large network of companies, in which permanently employed employees work as database developers. These Indian database developers are highly qualified; they all have at least three years of international experience and have successfully completed a degree in computer science. At outsourcing4work German and English speaking project managers work as the contact person to the Indian partner companies and support you throughout the cooperation with the Indian database developer. outsourcing4work can ensure you, our client, that all linguistic and intercultural hurdles will not stand in your way.

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This is our risk protection;we offer you outsourcing made in Germany with the security of a company based in Europe – at exceptional price-performance ratios. Our European project managers will be ready to answer any questions that can arise when working with a database developer. We are here for you, accessible during European office hours, with the legal protection of a company based in Europe – you will not take on any legal risks. Do you have questions? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to your call or your email!