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Nearly every website uses a content management system. Open source software that is available free of charge is also used, such as for a commercial project.

The need for qualified software developers for the various content management systems, therefore, is constantly growing, and agencies who are looking for software developers or companies that need websites can find it difficult to estimate the quality, team-work and rates of individual software developers.

No compromises: content management system

experts are valuable, but not expensive

Therefore, many clients take on developers for content management systems that do not actually meet all the required qualifications. Or they sometimes pay exorbitant hourly rates for these experts.

Outsourcing4work offers you an alternative: Outsourcing made in germany.

This is a unique concept we have developed – we offer clients in Europe offshore Outsourcing of the highest quality without any disadvantages or risks.

Outsourcing made in germany. combines the experience of nearly 20 years on the Germany market. As a company based in Europe, we understand the specific and often demanding requirements of European clients for content management systems and have implemented tailor-made services. These include:

  • We work with German, English and some Hindi speaking project managers. They assume responsibility for the quality of work produced by our software developers and are a direct point of contact for our clients during European business hours. There are no cultural or language barriers that can pose a problem. Our experience in collaborating with Indian partners allows work to run smoothly and hassle-free.
  • We maintain stable business relationship with reputable and reliable partner companies in India, the largest Outsourcing-market in the world. We can then offer our clients software developers for almost all available content management systems.
  • Our contracts are in German or English and offer you the security of a legal system based in Europe.
  • We work exclusively with permanently employed, highly trained and experienced developers for content management systems. We can therefore guarantee their knowledge, motivation and quality of work.
  • We take care of all the administration and the cost of supervision. Our clients are relieved of the usual obligations that would normally go hand in hand with permanent employees in Europe, and we provide flexible adaptations for their needs.
  • Our content management system developers receive good, fair rates of pay. We can offer our clients far better prices than those usually found on the European market. And we only charge for productive work time. Sick days, holidays or breaks are not included in the invoice.

Special requests?

Not a problem with made in germany.

The market for content management systems has developed even further over the years, and Outsourcing4work can offer developers for almost all systems. Just some of the systems we can provide developers for:

  • Alfresco
  • CMSmadesimple
  • DotNet Nuke
  • Drupal
  • Efront
  • Joomla
  • Magnolia
  • Orchard
  • Skadate
  • Storefront
  • Typo3
  • Weebley
  • WordPress

If you don’t see your content management system on this list, then get in touch! It’s either not on the list or we can find the suitable expert for it.

Try us out! No obligation and free of charge!

Many of our clients were initially sceptical about Outsourcing. Most of them were quickly and easily convinced after trying us out. If you give us a brief description of your needs, we will be able to offer you a selection of suitable candidates. You make your selection after viewing more detailed information on each one, or after video interviews with the best candidates. They can then begin their work, supported by us the entire time. Our advice costs nothing and you are free to decide if you would like to work with any of our developers and which of our software developers you would like to work together with.