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Contao CMS is a free content management system which is especially popular with small and medium-sized enterprises. Its strengths lie in its intuitive ease of use, its optimal usability and the high search engine friendliness. However, many companies quickly reach their limits when developing large multilingual websites, and then decide to use a qualified software developer. They can enjoy the benefits of Contao CMS fully and compete against the economic competition.

Your knowledgeable alternative:

Contao developers from Outsourcing4work

Hiring a permanent employee exclusively for Contao development is not worth it for most companies.  Instead, many of them use temporary or returning freelancers. But another problem then manifests itself: highly qualified Contao developers are rather rare on the European market, and charge high rates. Not every company can afford them.

Outsourcing4work offers you a simple solution to this plight with Outsourcing made in germany. Our proven offshore Outsourcing concept of many years is based the strengths of two economies: the Indian and the European. We combine the quality of an established European company with the huge human resources and the low wage advantages of the Indian market. We pass these benefits directly to our clients.

Maximum quality without risk

At Outsourcing4work you will get the complete package when taking on your new Contao developer. Once you have explained your requirements to us, we create a detailed specification for your new software developer together with you. We then start the search for the suitable candidate in cooperation with our renowned partner companies. After just a few days we can then put together a list of potential Contao developers that meet your requirements. You then decide which of these candidates you would like to take on as a developer.

Outsourcing4work offers you a variety of guarantees and safeguards to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your new Contao developer:

  • If you have questions or problems, you can get in touch with one of our German and English speaking project managers. They can help on the phone, by email or personally in our office in Weiterstadt.
  • You will have the legal certainty of an established service provider in Europe, who provides you with contracts in German or English.
  • The project language is German or English. If necessary we can offer Hindi.
  • You only pay once you actually take on one of our Indian Contao software developers. The consultation is free of charge.
  • We carefully select our software developers. In addition to high professional expertise, we expect a high degree of customer orientation and reliability. In addition, you can even define specific soft skills for your Contao developer.

Do you have any more questions?

Want to learn more about Outsourcing made in germany.? Are you still not sure if Outsourcing is right for you? Or do you want to hire a Contao developer? There is only one answer to all these questions: Outsourcing4work. Simply get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your questions. You can also come personally to our office. We look forward to meeting you.