CodeIgniter framework for higher performance

CodeIgniter is an open source web framework written in PHP by the software company EllisLab; its first release was in 2006. The CodeIgniter framework sets itself apart with its streamlined structure, which results in high performance, and it is platform-independent. Another advantage for the developer is that the training period is relatively short compared to other frameworks, making it therefore very appealing to new users. The central component of the CodeIgniter framework is the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture.

CodeIgniter is a beginner-friendly and secure framework.

The use of Model and View is not necessarily required, but is recommended for the sake of clarity. CodeIgniter provides a large number of library classes and helper functions that take care of standard tasks of a developer. Some examples include XML-RPC, database access, input validation, file uploads and sessions. Web applications can be developed quickly and safely. A great strength of CodeIgniter is its ease of configuration: You only configure the database connection and the base URL.

Developers who are familiar with the CodeIgniter framework are very much in demand. So how can a company find a knowledgeable software developer who has experience in CodeIgniter?

The answer is to rely on outsourcing solutions

Outsourcing is an excellent option if you need highly trained and experienced CodeIgniter developers for a project, and fast. Numerous international companies now rely on outsourcing. The Indian market – the largest outsourcing-market in the world with excellently trained employees – offers great opportunities for outsourcing development and support services to European and international IT companies. outsourcing4work offers these services; as an experienced outsourcing company, we open the way to the Indian market for our clients. We have partner companies in India where permanently employed employees work as CodeIgniter developers. These Indian software developers are highly qualified, with at least three years’ experience in international projects and they have all successfully completed a degree in computer science. You will not need to permanently hire anyone, nor employ a freelancer – you will receive qualified software developers for projects either on a temporary basis or as a dedicated employee, such as for your CodeIgniter project. Your German and English speaking project manager from outsourcing4work will be in contact with the Indian partner companies and will support you throughout the cooperation. outsourcing4work will ensure no linguistic or cultural barriers stand in your way.

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