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Code reviews are always required when it comes to closely scrutinising the software.  Code review manually reviews the results of the development work. This review can be divided and shared among various people. You then receive more secure, valid results. Code reviews are statistical test methods that fall into the category of analytical quality assurance capabilities.

Code review: better off in expert hands!

The assessed objects of reviews can be different. In addition to a code review, which explores the source code of the software, there’s still an architectural review, which relates to the software architecture, in particular the design documents. This includes technical documents such as READMEs, installation instructions or manuals, and also scripts which are needed for the installation. Developers should then be in the position to be able to understand the translation process of the sources at a later date for a bug fixing, or an error correction or further development of the respective software.

In a code review a section of the program is read either after or during the development by one or more experts to find possible errors, simplifications or test cases. An expert should be a software developer themselves.

It is important to use experienced developers for code review, experts who don’t only have basic knowledge of the programming language, but who also work meticulously and accurately, and who bring a lot of personal experience with them.

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