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More than two thirds of daily business transactions are supported by the COBOL programming language. Especially since the creation of the European payment-integration initiative SEPA , COBOL developers have seen an increase in demand. However, although this is positive for COBOL specialists, it is the start of a larger problem for companies. The higher demand is making it more and more difficult to find a suitable software developer experienced in COBOL.

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Two key aspects affect the lack of COBOL developers: COBOL was developed in the end of the 1950s, and is one of the oldest programming languages in the world. This is also reflected in the educational system.  Many universities do not teach their students COBOL as a programming language any longer. Young professionals also prefer to use trendy skills such as developing cloud apps with ASP.NET and JSON. This has resulted in the majority of COBOL developers who can develop complex projects being over 50 years old, and ready to retire.

Outsourcing4work helps companies find the right COBOL developer despite the lack of these developers. And without having to compromise on the software developer’s quality of work. How do we make this possible? With Outsourcing made in germany. This unique offshore Outsourcing concept combines the qualities of a European business with the advantages provided by the world’s largest Outsourcing market – India. This include low rates for developers, as well as access to a nearly unlimited pool of skilled software developers, some of which have specialised in COBOL development.

Diverse benefits and no risks with Outsourcing4work

Those are not the only advantages for our clients: because Outsourcing4work knows how important good cooperation is, we choose our COBOL developers according to strict criteria. In addition to high professional expertise, they must have many years of experience, project orientation, excellent organisational management and great customer orientation. Most of our software developers even have relevant experience in collaboration with international companies.

Outsourcing4work also guarantees its clients more, in addition to the careful selection of your software developer:

  • As a European company, we commit ourselves to carefully creating contracts for our clients in German or English.
  • Our project language is German or English.
  • You will receive the highest quality at zero risk with us. We can guarantee this by supporting you from the selection of your COBOL developer right up to their payment.
  • If you have questions, you can get in touch with one of our German and English speaking project managers, whether on the phone, by email or personally in our office in Weiterstadt.
  • Our consultation is completely free of charge. You only pay once you hire one of our COBOL developers.

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COBOL developers from Outsourcing4work are sought-after developers. Take advantage of their expertise and get in touch with us today. Just define your needs and we will be immediately on the search for a suitable software developer. Within a few days we can present you with a shortlist.