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No matter whether metalworking, plastics engineering or furniture construction: more and more CNC controlled machines are working in many industry sectors. CNC – computerised numerical control – is an electronic procedure for the control of machine tools.  There were already approaches to simplify CNC programming and to leave DIN/ISO programming at the beginning of the 1980s. This lead to the development of workshop-oriented programming (WOP), which has a user-leading, simplified CAD-like programming interface.

Professional CNC developers save

companies time and money

WOP is especially well established in wood and plastics processing in CNC machining centres and in the production of parts. Thanks to CNC, complicated parts that would otherwise be very time-consuming to product, or else need to be manually created, are now able to be manufactured. CNC makes it possible to adhere to the measurements exactly, and keep the number of rejected parts low.  In addition, machine setup times are significantly reduced thanks to CNC programming on machines and machining centres: this lets you make many different parts without needing to change any tools, only the program is changed. In addition, thanks to a good CNC developer a machine operator is not needed because complicated calculations are no longer needed: if the program is written once, then it works a number of times without the operation recalculating the measurements each time.

Experts are currently in short supply

For companies this means that CNC control saves time and money. Finding a CNC developer is not easy: IT professionals, software developers and programmers are hard to find for European companies. The demand for qualified employees is huge – and the supply is not large enough to meet it.

The solution: Outsourcing developer services

Outsourcing is the solution: many companies outsource services, as the Indian market offers European IT companies huge advantages when Outsourcing developer and support services. Outsourcing4work, an Outsourcing service provider from Weiterstadt, knows how to take advantage of this potential, and what companies need to know when accessing Indian workers. Outsourcing4work provides companies with access to the Indian market and shows them the steps to take to successfully outsource IT company tasks.Outsourcing4work has partner companies in India who provide permanently employed employees as developers, and who can take over IT tasks.Outsourcing4work knows Indian business practices and understands intercultural and linguistic differences. German and English speaking project managers work as your contact person to the Indian companies.

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We make it simple for you: we offer you Outsourcing made in germany. with the security of a company based in Europe – at exceptional value for money. Our European project managers will be by your side to answer any questions. We are there for you as project managers and as your link: available during European business hours, we will go over all the details. In addition: we are based in the European legal system – meaning you will not run any legal risks. Do you have any questions on our services? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to your call!