Software manufacturers: client advantages through Outsourcing4work

Important criteria for software manufacturers

Companies that make and sell software are offered clear, even decisive advantages in cooperation with Outsourcing4work. Before deciding to outsource individual tasks or entire projects it is well worth it to consider the various advantages of Outsourcing.

Outsourcing made in Germany


In addition, Outsourcing4work offers a tailor-made concept with Outsourcing made in Germany. Outsourcing made in Germany was specifically created for European companies. It creates more added value for clients and excludes potential risks. Outsourcing made in Germany includes, among others:

  • A European company as a contracting partner (Outsourcing4work GmbH), with contracts in German or English and is based within the European legal system
  • Nearly 20 years of experience in cooperation with European clients and stable business relationships with well-known partner companies in India
  • No financial or legal obligations for the client, unlike for permanent employees in Europe
  • Access to the world’s largest Outsourcing market, India – a nearly inexhaustible source of highly trained software developers
  • All software developers who work for Outsourcing4work hold a university degree, have at least three years of experience, specialisations in nearly every technology you could wish for and social skills in teamwork and communication
  • Employees with high motivation and a willingness to take responsibility thanks to long-term permanent employment with reputable and renowned employers in India
  • Project managers from Outsourcing4work speak German, English and some Hindi. They work Europe normal business hours, ensure problem-free communication between all participants and target-oriented coordination of our software developers in India. They are also available to clients for personal meetings
  • Flexible billing models, ranging from a fixed price for a fully defined project, up to dedicated employees. The latter works exclusively for “their” client and can be integrated into existing structures and teams as wished
  • Attractive terms for our clients, yet fair rates and good working conditions for our software developers
  • You will only pay for productive work time. Downtime costs such as breaks, illness or holidays will not be billed to our clients

Competitive advantages for software manufacturers

THROUGH Outsourcing4work

Companies that provide a larger number of clients with software products with licensing models can especially benefit from Outsourcing4work. What it makes possible, among other things:

  • Reliable project planning and implementation through guaranteed capacities within the required period, such as with dedicated employees
  • Secure processing of sensitive and confidential content through confidentiality agreements and the exclusion of conflicts of interest, especially through dedicated employees
  • Seamless integration of internal and external software developers and teams through long-term cooperation with maximum flexibility
  • Shorter time-to-market and update cycles
  • Integration of the latest standards and technologies as well as more efficient tests and quality assurance through knowledgeable, continuously trained software developers
  • On-demand 24/7 support of implementation and roll-out for new customers
  • Fast and solution-oriented support, also with high support needs, within a short time
  • Reduced development costs, which allow higher margins or cost advantages over competitors

Challenge us!

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