Offshore outsourcing for start-ups: the better solution

Why start-ups have nothing to give

Start-ups usually do not have enough employees, money and/or time to take care of the various tasks when building a successful business. This is especially true for IT. Some founders bring IT knowledge with them, or they bring in the right expert for the team. But a CIO alone may not be able to create a new product, nor offer new services. It requires a sufficient amount of employees which is often very expensive, meaning financially, you’re right back to where you started.

Outsourcing4work – the ideal partner

Aware of these limitations, www.outsourcing4work.developed a concept for IT Outsourcing that meets all of these criteria. It is called Outsourcing made in Germany and has the following advantages:

  • Outsourcing4work has nearly 30 years of experience on the market. Start-ups know how important consultants can be for their development
  • The project language is German or English. The same is true for contracts and other agreements. There will be no unpleasant surprises from language barriers or the peculiarities of a foreign legal system
  • Our project managers are top-notch. Not only in project management but also in IT, linguistically (they speak German, English and some Hindi) and are excellent team players. Even if start-ups work around the clock, we know how important meetings are during normal office hours and do not only work during Indian standard time
  • We offer you a stable network of business relationships: start-ups will get access through Outsourcing4work to the world’s largest Outsourcing market: India. Our renowned partner companies in India ensure that we can offer you highly qualified, experienced and motivated software developers
  • We bear the brunt. We oversee the entire coordination and care of the software developers provided by us and relieve start-ups of the numerous obligations that apply to any developer hired in Europe
  • Individually agreed billing models let our clients and us have the ideal business model choice for the cooperation. From a fixed price for fully defined projects, up to hourly billing, up to a branch (light) in India
  • We work in partnership with our clients. You will know at all times who is working when, how much time was spent and what progress has already been made. You will only pay for productive working time. You will not pay for our software developer’s downtimes, such as breaks, holiday, illness, etc.
  • Why some of our competitors are jealous: although our developers receive fair rates and excellent working conditions, we can still offer our clients attractive conditions which preserve their budgets and make projects possible which might have otherwise been too expensive

Outsourcing4work has brought numerous companies into a successful future with these possibilities.

It’s worth a try!

On request, you will receive our qualified assessment on how we can support you in building your company within 24 hours. All we need is a few details on your projects from you and of course, your contact information. We look forward to meeting you.