IT departments and outsourcing: advantages, risks and benefits

Even a good IT department can become better

Many companies work with an internal IT department. Their employees know the company structures, the IT hardware and software used and the users. And they are always available. So why should an IT department outsource part of its tasks? Because it usually works like a company within the company, with predefined structures, core and supplementary tasks and limited resources.

Outsourcing advantages at a glance

Outsourcing IT services therefore brings a lot of advantages. Here are the most important ones:

  • Flexible, need-based capacity
  • Always up-to-date know-how in every technology
  • Timesaving in routine and development work
  • The focus of the internal IT department on its core tasks
  • Reduced IT fixed costs and appropriate variable costs, overall cost savings
  • Better service – more satisfied users
  • Image change from the IT department as a service provider for users to a service provider for the company

Does this answer all your questions? Not quite …


Unfortunately, it can also be risky to Outsourcing internal IT department tasks. This could lead to a lack of quality due to an external service provider lacking qualifications, problems in cooperation over long distances and time zones, in addition to cultural and legal complications.

Therefore Outsourcing4work, an Outsourcing service provider with nearly 20 years of experience in cooperation with European clients, has developed a concept to minimise these risks: Outsourcing made in Germany.

It includes:

  • Excellent, qualified IT developers from India, the world’s largest Outsourcing market. They have expert knowledge in any necessary programming language or technology, experience and the necessary social skills to seamlessly integrate into international teams
  • Renowned Indian partner companies where our developers are permanently employed, where they receive fair rates and good working conditions. This ensures us access to selected experts, and to motivate them to extraordinary performance
  • European project managers who work personally with our clients and ensure their success German or English as the contract and project language, meaning there will be no misunderstandings in agreements or in the day to day work
  • Full administrative support of our employees through Outsourcing4work, thus relieving our customers from any obligations
  • Only productive working time is invoiced, clients will not need to pay for downtimes such as breaks, holidays or illness. We also offer billing models from a fixed price for a defined project, up to hourly billing, up to a branch (light) in India for our clients
  • All this at costs which are not only interesting for the IT department, but also for corporate management

Get in touch with us!

We will gladly assess free of charge and without obligation if your IT department can also benefit from the services of Outsourcing4work. We just need some basic information on you, your tasks, your structure and your planning. Within 24 hours you will receive an initial assessment, which will let you decide your next steps forward. We look forward to meeting you.