How IT companies can benefit - offshore outsourcing for IT companies

New options for IT companies

The core business of IT companies is… IT. Does this answer the question about why to use IT Outsourcing, and its benefits? Not at all. Even IT companies can take advantage of IT Outsourcing as a growth driver, benefit from the excellent prerequisites for Outsourcing projects and development work, and strengthen their core business and economic position.

Sound simple? Not quite…

Despite all the advantages, Outsourcing for IT companies can also bring risks with it. The following are just a few:

  • Unsuitable Outsourcing service providers with too little experience, lack of knowledge or unsuitable offers
  • Lack of qualifications, experience or social skills among the offshore software developers
  • Cultural and language barriers when cooperating with offshore software developers
  • A service provider is not properly identified, or the software developer is not properly informed on the objectives and goals of the client
  • Lack of motivation in the offshore software developer, partly due to low pay or unpleasant working conditions
  • Lack of control or coordination in the team

Such risks can jeopardize the success of the entire project, or at least negate the benefits that IT companies can receive from Outsourcing.

The solution

To offer reliable protection against such risks, Outsourcing4work has developed a special concept: Outsourcing made in Germany. This concept contains an entire service package. It ensures that clients verifiably benefit from the cooperation with Outsourcing4work and meets the high expectations of a European IT company. Outsourcing made in Germany includes, among other things:

  • Nearly 20 years of experience on the market as Outsourcing4work GmbH
  • Contracts based in the European legal system and which are in German or English
  • Knowledgeable, German and English (and some Hindi) speaking project managers
  • Work and availability during normal office hours, and, if necessary, outside them.
  • Stable relationships with renowned Indian partner companies and access the world’s largest Outsourcing market – India.
  • Outsourcing4work will take over all support and legal obligations arising from the employment of offshore software developers.
  • Well-educated and up-to-date trained software developers with a university degree and many years of experience.
  • Good working conditions and rates for our software developers, yet also affordable rates that we pass on to our clients for their benefit
  • Flexible billing models – from a fixed-price for clearly defined projects, up to hourly billing, up to a branch (light) in India
  • Continuous information for our clients and complete documentation of the work
  • Outsourcing4work will not bill you for any non-productive hours from our software developers (breaks, holidays, illness)

This unique concept creates all the conditions for successful Outsourcing and a real added value for our clients.

Try us!

We do not only promise our clients top service, we guarantee it. Yet another reason to try Outsourcing made in Germany. Just give us some details on your needs or planned project, and within 24 hours you will receive a first-rate, qualified assessment on whether and how you can benefit from Outsourcing. This advice is free of charge and comes with no obligation to you. We look forward to meeting you.