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CakePHP, Cake for short, is an open source web framework written in the PHP programming language. CakePHP is platform-independent and offers many opportunities for website development. CakePHP is loosely based on the web application framework Ruby on Rails, which is also open source, and follows the schema for the Model View Controller (MVC), a pattern for the structuring of software development. The framework has been developed since 2005 and has established itself around the world, which means that there is a global demand for software developers for CakePHP.

CakePHP developers are in high demand internationally

CakePHP’s big advantage is that, in comparison to other web frameworks, CakePHP only puts low demands on the web server. Cake does not need its own databases for its application, but it allows you to use database tables with prefixes. Access via command lines is only needed for the use of so-called console applications. Cake also offers another advantage: CakePHP saves the developer from having to repeat themselves. For the most important tasks, the framework provides ready-made solutions, such as the output of forms or the validation of user input. In addition, code that has already been written is easy to use in other CakePHP projects. CakePHP also forces the user to structure their code and sort it. This makes the application easier to maintain, even in the future.

The solution: we have CakePHP developers available for you!

The wide distribution and comfort offered by the framework attracts many inexperienced software developers who offer their services. They overestimate themselves, and believe that they are experienced in the software after only a short training period, and take on projects without the relevant experience. A CakePHP developer must work carefully and professionally in order to adhere to schedules and project budgets.

The solution for companies: employ a CakePHP developer and incur the disadvantages such as legal and financial obligations, as well as a lack of flexibility in purchasing. A better alternative would be to try an external CakePHP developer – such as one from outsourcing4work, with outsourcing made in Germany Problem solved.

Companies that use our services benefit from many advantages:

  • We provide highly qualified developers from India
  • Project managers based in Europe who speak German and English
  • The project language is German or English, and the project managers are available during European work and office hours
  • European contracts in German or English
  • Maximum flexibility for clients because the CakePHP developer is permanently employed at our partner companies in India.
  • No administrative or social security obligations for our clients. We are responsible for the care of our CakePHP developer.
  • Completely transparent business model. You only pay for proven work time, or alternatively, a fixed price.

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