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Growing demand: C# developers

in more and more fields of work

C# is the most important programming language in the Microsoft .NET platform. .NET simulates a virtual, clearly defined processor on exporting computers and makes them then independent of the hardware actually used and the operating system.

C# is relatively simple to learn and powerful. C# helps facilitate object-oriented programming for developers.

And last but not least, the open source project Mono allows a C# developer to develop software for other operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OS or UNIX.

C# has continued to spread since it was first released by Microsoft in 2002, and has gradually become more and more powerful.

Unwanted variables: external C# developers

as risk factors for projects

The wide distribution and the relative ease of use of the program, especially for a C# developer who already knows another C language, are not always an advantage for clients. Too many C# developers offer their services after just a short training in the programming language, and do not have enough relevant professional experience. Social skills are always in demand for team projects, yet are not always among a developer’s strengths. And above all, a C# developer needs to work carefully and efficiently to stick to deadlines and budgets and do quality work.

This causes many companies to hire a permanent C# developer and encounter hidden disadvantages, such as legal obligations, lack of flexibility and higher fixed costs. Or use an external C# developer while running the risk of low quality or, at worst, compromise the content and economic basis of the entire project.

On the safe side with Outsourcing4work

Outsourcing4work offers you a solution to this dilemma. Its C# developers are highly trained, experienced and have worked in teams of various sizes. They offer the following advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility and short-term adjustment possibilities for capacity bottlenecks or surplus capacity
  • Qualified education with a university degree
  • At least 3 years work experience
  • Location and cost advantages in India, the largest Outsourcing-market in the world
  • High motivation and the best results through the C# developer’s permanent employment at Outsourcing4work’s renowned partner companies in India, with fair pay and good working conditions.

But that’s not all. Outsourcing4work’s special concept of ‘Outsourcing made in Germany’ protects its clients from the many risks that can come from unsupported Outsourcing. Outsourcing made in Germany gives you:

  • an Outsourcing provider (Outsourcing4work) based in Germany, with nearly 20 years of experience
  • European contracts in German or English.
  • The project is in German or English;clients are not required to have any foreign language skills
  • German, English and some Hindi speaking project managers, who support the projects and all participants involved
  • European office and working hours; no different time zones
  • Continuous monitoring of the work on the project, which the client can track at any time
  • Projects invoiced either on a fixed price basis (in projects fully defined in advance) or time-based
  • Unproductive or downtime for your C# developer, such as breaks, sick days or holiday, are not invoiced
  • No need to take care of any of the administrative or legal obligations that would normally arise from a permanent C# developer

In this way, Outsourcing made in Germany can ensure the success of any project and guarantees maximum security for our clients.

Let’s talk!

We can expand even more upon the benefits of Outsourcing made in Germany once we have the details of your planned project. Briefly describe your project to us on the phone, by email or during a visit to our office in Weiterstadt. Try it out, you have nothing to lose. We look forward to meeting you.