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When Bjarne Stroustrup began developing C++ in 1979, he had the goal of creating an efficient, low-level programming language as well as a programming language with a high abstraction level. The first version of C++ built the core of what is today still a very powerful programming language. After just a few years and versions it was in use all over the world. It was ISO standardized in 1998 and has been in continuous development ever since. C++ is used especially in system programming.

C++ developers: experts for complex tasks

C++ has a number of advantages; the language is very well standardised. Well-written programs are run-time effective and there are compilers for all major computer platforms. However, there are drawbacks as well. C++ is considered to be very complex, error-prone, and demanding on a developer. Errors are avoidable, yet can be serious when they occur.

The quality of the developer is therefore crucial. A good C++ developer can write professional and error-free code in a short amount of time, which a less competent C++ developer will take much longer and produce lesser quality code.

Clients should therefore pay careful attention when selecting a knowledgeable C++ developer.

Good advice is not expensive

Outsourcing4work is committed to the objective of supporting clients with proven experts, especially when it comes to C++ developers. Thanks to our connection to the world’s largest Outsourcing-market in India, as well as our stable connections with local reputable partners, we have an almost inexhaustible supply of skilled employees. We, and our partners, select the most capable potential employees and compare their profile with your requirements. We recommend the best candidates to our clients for selection. Thus we ensure that we provide exclusively appropriate, experienced and motivated C++ developers for the project.

And this advice is not expensive; in fact it’s free. With Outsourcing4work you only pay when the C++ developers actually work for you.

Profit without risk

In addition to the low costs, Outsourcing4work offers additional customer benefits and protects you as a client from various risks.

  • With our exact monitoring you are always informed on the current status of the C++ developer’s work. You also will only pay for productive work time. Breaks or downtime are not included in the invoice.
  • As a German company, our contracts with you are in German or English. Legal transparency can then be guaranteed.
  • Our project managers speak German and English (and some Hindi) and ensure a smooth cooperation between the client, Outsourcing4work and the C++ developers.
  • We take over any administrative obligations, as well as the support of the C++ developers hired by us. Our clients receive maximum flexibility without extra effort.

We call this concept ‘Outsourcing made in Germany’ and believe that you will not find any comprehensive and cost-effective comparable offer in Europe.

We look forward to getting to know you!

As you can see, a C++ developer from Outsourcing4work is an attractive option. If you send us a brief description of your planned project or task, we can check if the developers are suitable for your needs. Free, with no obligation, within 24 hours. We promise.