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on all major computer platforms at home

Originally developed by Dennis Ritchie at the beginning of the seventies for the operating system UNIX, the structured programming language C has continuously spread out and developed further. Its limited range of language and simple construction lead to a rapid transferring onto all major computer platforms.

C is especially suitable for system programming, the creation of operating systems, and the programming of embedded systems. Even if C++ is more recommended nowadays as the programming language for software development, C is still the language of choice for low-level applications.

What highly qualified C developers have to offer

Most developers get their start with C – it is simple and often serves as a springboard for learning more complex programming languages.

For professional IT projects it is still important to use well-trained and experienced C developers who set themselves apart with their speed and accuracy when writing error-free code. No business today can afford to use error-prone programs.

A high-quality C developer is communicative and reliable. They understand that they are an integral part of a team as a specialist and developer, and neither developer nor team can do without the other. They know that careful and speedy work is essential for the success of the project.


is your best choice in the market for C developer

As a client with outsourcing4work, you benefit from a wide range of advantages which pave the way to the right C developer, and thus the success of your project.

All contracts with our clients are written in German or English. Your legal protection is ensured as we are part of the same legal system. All C developers who we recommend for specific projects are permanently employed at our partner companies in India, the largest outsourcing market in the world. They are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge and experience in their field. You will not need to take on any administrative or legal aspects of employing a C developer while they work on your project. The selected C developer works for you as a responsible member of your team. Your direct contact for the duration of the project will always be our project manager in Europe, who supports you and is reachable during normal office hours. The project manager knows what the C developer is doing, and can update you on the employee’s work at any time.

Another advantage is the low cost structure that we as outsourcing made in Germany. can offer. You only pay for the actual working time of the C developer, and not for breaks or downtime. In this way we offer you clarity and transparency in the invoicing for our services.

Are you curious?

We are always available for more information and details. After your first contact via phone or email, we will promptly get in touch with you with an initial assessment. Let us discuss the possibilities for your specific project and your requirements for the appropriate C developer. You will soon be a satisfied customer of outsourcing4work!