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Assembler is a low-level programming language that translates existing program code into a more human-readable representation of machine commands. Despite the increased performance of today’s compilers, and the availability of the C language, there are still many programs created in Assembler – even though it has long been predicted that its days are numbered.

What to pay attention to in professional Assembler developers

Assembler developers are software developers of a special kind. For them, the reasons for their choice of code range from the lack of high-level languages on DOS and the hardware to access it, to the optimisation of special problems (such as CRC generation). In addition, an Assembler program is often much shorter than the corresponding compiler product.

Highly qualified developers bring the necessary motivation and enjoyment to their work, in addition to excellent education and extensive experience. This gives your project exceptionally good results. You can count on this Assembler developer to translate your ideas and implement them into the project.

Highly qualified developers from us without detours

Outsourcing is the solution for you if you quickly need well-educated and experienced Assembler developers for your project.

Numerous international companies now rely on the benefits of outsourcing. Soon you too can benefit from the Indian market – thanks to its exceptionally well-educated employees, the world’s largest outsourcing market offers smaller or mid-sized enterprises valuable opportunities to outsource developer and support services.

Outsourcing4work offers these services: as an experienced outsourcing company we offer our clients access to the Indian market. We have partner companies in Europe whose permanent staff works as Assembler developers. These Indian software developers are highly qualified – they all have at least three years of international experience and have successfully completed a degree in computer science.

At Outsourcing4work German and English speaking project managers work as the contact person to the Indian partner companies and support you throughout your cooperation with the Indian developer. Outsourcing4work can ensure you, our client, that no linguistic and intercultural hurdles will stand in your way.

The opportunities that we offer you are clear and transparent, which means you receive the highest level of flexibility. Decide for yourself if you would like to realise a complete project at a fixed price, or if you would prefer a specific Assembler developer as a temporary or permanent member of your team.

We are here for you: accessible during European office hours, with the legal protection of a company based in Europe – you will not take on any legal risks. This is our risk protection. We offer you outsourcing made in germany. with the security of a company based in Europe – at exceptional price-performance ratios. It is not easy to find any similar offers online or anywhere else.

You are in the right place with us

No matter what project you need an Assembler developer for, get in touch with us and soon you can welcome a knowledgeable new member into your team. Briefly describe your needs to us on the phone or by email, and we will quickly give you the options best suited for your goals. Your search is over thanks to Outsourcing4work!