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App Testers Give Their Software The Finishing Touches

Whether computer, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or tablet: you can now surf the internet and use programs and apps on various different devices. The selection for the user is huge – and for an app developer it means that their particular product must be sufficiently tested for the various platforms – before it is brought onto the market, of course

Rely on Professional App Testers!

The quality of an app tester is very important for users and software companies. There are companies that hire app testers directly via the internet, and the only requirement is that they own the newest generation smartphone. Being an app tester is a lucrative side job, so to speak, as the companies promise quick money to test web pages or apps. The quality of the apps and web applications can therefore fall a bit to the wayside, because the more qualified the app tester is as a software tester, the better the chances of success of the app. In the hands of an experienced app tester, vulnerabilities and bugs can be found and taken care of before the software is released. For companies in the field of software manufacturing, professionally testing apps is an important service to ensure the quality of their products and to protect their reputation.

outsourcing4work: We Ensure Quality

Here is where Outsourcing4work steps in: Outsourcing4work is outsourcing made in germany. We provide our customers with professional and very experienced software tester as app testers. These professionals are permanently employed at one of our partner companies in India and carry out their tasks from there. It’s not a problem to do this online – on the contrary: with the security that comes from a European company, we deliver outsourcing made in germany. You will not need to worry about linguistic or cultural barrier on your way to solutions, as your contact person is a German and English speaking project manager who is always available to you, as our company is headquartered in Germany. They communicate on your behalf with the IT developers in India, and pass on your wishes and requirements.

Questions? Then get in touch with us!

We provide you with these professional employees at low rates. The employees at our partner companies in India can assist you in testing the apps you have developed. They are qualified, knowledgeable and experienced employees in the area of software testing. Together we ensure that your apps fulfil all functions, meet all expectations and run on all devices.

Our concept of outsourcing made in Germany guarantees problem-free communication with the best app testers in India. Reputable software companies already do it: they have outsourced various areas to India to let qualified employees take them over. India is not the world’s largest outsourcing-market for no reason. You can also benefit from our outsourcing made in Germany, which is risk free and affordable. Get in touch with us either on the phone or via email. We will find a solution for all your software problems, without you running the risk of an anonymous internet user testing your software as an app tester.