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Innovative app development at affordable rates

Mobile internet did not only revolutionize the entertainment sector, but it also simplified and accelerated the execution of business processes. More and more companies are putting their web presence onto interactive mobile apps to better target its customer services. Mobile banking, online shopping and online timetables are just some of the services available for your smartphone or tablet.

Highly professional app developers are responsible for the continuous development of mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android and more. But it can be difficult to find a good developer in the competitive app market, a developer who can combine innovate mobile strategy with excellent technical expertise. And all this at competitive rates. In order to keep their heads above water, many app developers only work at overpriced rates.

outsourcing4work combines the two for you: a highly qualified app developer and affordable rates

Our services for mobile app development

We offer you knowledgeable and reliable app developers from the largest outsourcing-market in the world: India. With their expertise and experience, our developers will help your business develop innovative and high-quality technical apps. More than three million offshore developers are available on the Indian market, many of whom focus on app development.

The seemingly unlimited supply of qualified IT professionals on the Indian market is also a great advantage for our clients. With outsourcing4work you can hire an app developer for all common smartphone and tablet operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS
  • Windows Phone
  • Palm WebOS
  • Aliyun OS
  • Tizen
  • Brew
  • Firefox OS
  • And many more operating systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of apps for these operating systems that our Indian developers can develop individually for you:

  • Business and Enterprise Apps
  • Game Apps
  • Audio and Video Streaming
  • Ad Integrations
  • Web Services
  • Social Networking Apps
  • GPS Integrations
  • Blog and Website Integrations
  • SQL Lite Integrations
  • Camera Based Apps

And many more applications.

You design the app with outsourcing4work

Our special offshore outsourcing concept combines the quality of a European based service provider with the advantages of the Indian job market. Together with our long-term partner companies on the Indian market we choose a selection of suitable app developers for you – following your requirements. You then select your perfect app developer from the list.

We put together your offshore team individually and flexibly for you:

  • Opt for one, two, five developers or an entire team.
  • Hire these developers for a project or long-term.
  • Take on developers on an hourly basis or permanently.
  • Decide if you would like German or English to be the working language.
  • Choose between a highly qualified specialist or an all-round app developer.

And the best thing about our flexible offshore outsourcing model is that you only pay once you have chosen one or more of our developers. Speaking to us costs nothing. As you can see, outsourcing4work is committed to implementing your individual needs. We guarantee you the highest customer satisfaction at unbeatable low prices, without having to sacrifice quality.