An Alfresco developer’s motto:

every document in its place

Alfresco is a free software that enables you to manage documents that are electronically stored via a web interface. Alfresco developers can create order from chaos with their virtual filing system for document storage, no matter the industry.

This software makes it easier to use documents in a project with several employees, and uses various open standards such as WebDAV, web services or Microsoft’s CIFS. Alfresco is continuously further developed by developers in its community.

Alfresco developers bring order to chaos

If your company regularly has several people working on one project together, and therefore has to deal with a large amount of electronic documents, then you need an Alfresco developer. They will help you and your colleagues keep an overview at all times.

These developers love order! They make sure that you always know where the latest version of a document is, who saved it where and what has been done with it.

Do you need more information? Alfresco developer naturally adapt their work to your specific needs – they know that a good document storage system is only good if it passes the everyday test and can be easily used by anyone.

You’re nearly there – stop your search!

But how can you find the right Alfresco developer for a specific project? How can you know if they have enough experience in this field?

You are at the right place with outsourcing4work.

Our business model outsourcing made in germany. combines the cost advantages of a highly qualified and professional software developer in India with the reliability and efficiency of a company based in Europe. You will make the right choice with one of our developers with excellent international experience and who are permanently employed at one of our reputable partner companies in India. You will save the effort of dealing with social security and insurance matters that arise when hiring a European software developer, but still have a complete team member for the implementation of your project.

You will remained informed on the work of your Alfresco developer at any time thanks to your German and English speaking outsourcing4work project manager. They will be available to you during European office hours for information and support.

A further advantage is the clarity and transparency we offer you from the start of our contractual relationship. Our contracts are in German or English and are based in the European legal system.

We position ourselves according to your needs, whether you would like to hire an entire team for your complete project, or if you would rather have an Alfresco developer as a temporary employee or as a dedicated employee who is a member of your team.

Get in touch with us

Don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch with us by email or phone. We will respond quickly with an overview of how you can benefit from outsourcing made in germany., and how you can quickly welcome an Alfresco developer into your team. We look forward to hearing from you!