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Thanks to the rapid growth of the games industry, 3D computer games now have great commercial importance and are developed for every imaginable game genre: arcade, trivia, sports board, racing, strategy, and action 3D games, to name only a few of the more popular.

More and more 3D games developers are customizing their programs and apps for advertising agencies and marketing departments, learning media providers, infotainment (such as digital city guides) or in digital film productions. Even doctors use computer simulations in medical procedures and operations which were developed using 3D games technology from the game industry.

From a 3D player to highly a qualified 3D games developer

Many of the highly trained 3D games developers today were passionate 3D computer game players in their youth, and have not lost their fascination with 3D games. They have especially high demands on every game that they develop, making a 3D game developer a coveted software developer.

A 3D games developer can be used reliably and flexibly in all phases of game development. They follow your project from concept to creative design, technical realisation and organisational aspects of team work, up to project planning and quality assurance.

Developers are not solitary employees. It’s not uncommon to have around 50-100 developers working on a complex game, which means that a successful 3D games developer must have excellent communication skills and enjoy working in a team.

Benefit from the world’s largest Outsourcing market!

At Outsourcing4work, we only introduce you to 3D games developers who are permanent employees at our long-time partner companies in India, which is the world’s largest Outsourcing market. The 3D games developers who will work for you have a degree in computer science and have at least three years’ experience in international projects. They have all the necessary skills and experience to easily take their place as a knowledgeable 3D games developer on your team.

Communication and contract processes take place through Outsourcing4work, and is always transparent and without any extra hassle. We provide you with a European project manager who is available during European office hours and who will keep you updated on the current status of your project. Our contracts are in German or English and are based in the European legal system, meaning that we are on the same level as our customers from beginning to end.

Don’t lose any more time searching for a 3D games developer on your own. Our business model ‘Outsourcing made in germany.’ was developed exactly for the needs of European companies and lets you be introduced to a suitable 3D games developer for your project, allowing you to also benefit from the Outsourcing market in India.

You are in the right place with us

Interested in a knowledgeable and professional 3D games developer for your project? Then get in touch with us and we will respond to you quickly, without delay, and sends you more information and details.  We are happy to talk over the next steps with you, so that you can obtain your 3D games developer to add to the success of you project.