Persönliche virtuelle Assistenz

A virtual personal assistant can help reduce your workload in many areas, with costing a fortune. The global boom in freelance services and business process outsourcing (BPO) offers a virtually inexhaustible range of low cost online professionals. This applies to Indian providers especially. The Asian country is better represented in the global IT outsourcing market than any other county, with a 55% market share.

A virtual personal assistant is more than just the modern form of the traditional secretary. Because a virtual personal assistant does their work completely online, there is a wide range of potential projects, areas of expertise, services and even employment conditions for their employment.

Virtual personal assistant: round-the-clock service, or project work?

The three words virtual personal assistant define what exactly is included in this form of work: an assistant who assists with online work for one single client. No more and no less.

It makes no difference whether the client is an individual, an entrepreneur or a department manager with permanent employment. You can flexibly choose what tasks the virtual assistant should take over, once a suitable assistant with the right expertise has been found.

There are online assistants who work on single tasks at specific times, or for a deadline. Or there are general assistants for various tasks who work in shifts or on call. Depending on the requirement profile it might be worth it to hire one or more online assistants with special skills.

If you are looking for a virtual personal assistant, you can look for specialists or all-rounders. Once you have found the right candidate, then you will need to communicate and precisely define the tasks that need to be done. There is then usually a short training period to explain how to use the necessary programs, websites and other services. You can then flexibly use the online assistant – you communicate with each other via email, video chats and online collaboration tools.

You can easily find a general virtual personal assistant for the following office jobs in India at low rates:

  • Internet research for specific products and comprehensive information
  • Data extraction from websites and other online sources
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations with suitable images, consistent formatting and transition effects according to your specifications
  • Text-based work in English such as transcription, proofreading, simple translations or SEO writing services
  • Excel data work
  • Blog maintenance according to your specifications for comments, updates and new content
  • Email answering and telephone services, just like a traditional secretary
  • Simple social media activities with regular postings according to specifications, and answering user comments
  • Travel planning: searching for flights, accommodation and other relevant information

This is just a list of typical activities that a virtual personal assistant can do for you. However, creativity knows no limits. You will only need to find a qualified person who will work for you at the rates you specify.

You then will no longer need to do these tasks yourself, and have more free time for tasks that are more complex and interesting. If you are interested in a virtual personal assistant from India, then we at outsourcing4work can help you find one who is qualified and affordable. Just give us the details and we will quickly find an experienced professional for you.

Once we have found one, we do not leave you alone with your online worker, but will ensure with our project managers that all tasks have been properly carried out. You also do not need to concern yourself with any of the payment or legal aspects, since you will conclude the contract with us as a European company.