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    Fill Your Vacancies with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an ideal way of hiring new talent. RPO allows you to use proven, advanced hiring processes developed by our experienced recruiters and gives access to our job market knowledge and recruitment strategies. This helps us target more suitable candidates, engage them better and convince them to join your company.


    We use a customized approach to fill your vacancy when you outsource your recruitment to us. This improves your talent pool so you can find your ideal candidate within 4 – 6 weeks. The best part is that RPO is a flexible service with choice of full-service and candidate packages.


    Why You Should Outsource the Recruitment Process

    Recruitment presents several challenges, making it hard to find and hire the right people. The poor quality of applicants or a low number of applications against your job ads can significantly increase the time to fill a position. You may even have to repeat the process if the applicants drop out at the interview or refuse to accept your offer. This will increase your cost of hiring in addition to the operational cost of an in-house recruitment team.

    Why Choose Outsourcing4work for RPO?

    Successfully recruiting ideal candidates requires experienced sourcers, recruiters and other people, including advertisers, content writers, and more. You also need access to resources like a LinkedIn recruiter account or a professional applicant management system, which may not be feasible for occasional use. Outsourcing4work can offer you both of the above while ensuring the quality and quantity of your applicants remains high. It also reduces your hiring cost, time, and effort to fill a position.


    Our Recruitment Services

    We offer a wide range of recruitment services aligned with your company’s goal. You can avail any or all of them, according to your needs. This includes the Applicant Management System and, if needed, the final salary negotiation.

    Our complete RPO package involves the following services carried out by our experienced recruiters:

    • Active Sourcing
    • Social Media Recruitment
    • Job Portal Management
    • Campaign Management
    • Weekly Reporting

    How Recruitment Process Outsourcing works


    Benefits of Choosing O4w for RPO

    • Experience
      We have 25 years of experience with IT Specialists
    • Speed
      Our customized process reduces your hiring time to 4-6 weeks.
    • Cost
      Our competitive recruitment process outsourcing pricing reduces the operational cost of hiring by eliminating expenses on specialized resources.
    • Flexibility
      Our flexible RPO services are easily tailored to your needs.
    • Expertise
      Our experienced recruiters and global reach help find qualified professionals.
    • Data Analytics
      Our recruitment process monitoring and data evaluation boost transparency and enable optimization.
    • Performance-Based Payment Model
      Our performance-based payment model focuses on variable costs rather than fixed costs.
    • Multifunctional Competence
      Working with clients with different needs and in different industries helps us serve you better
    • Transparency
      Our costing is up-front and there are no hidden charges
    • Digital Partnerships
      We collaborate with partners all over the world online
    • Professional Applicant Management System
      We use state-of-the-art software for more effective recruitment.

    Overcome Hiring Hurdles and Fill Your Vacancies Fast

    Recruitment is a long process with many challenges, especially when you want to hire qualified experts. RPO helps you find quality recruits with minimal effort, in a reasonable time, and at a competitive cost. Moreover, you can avail full-service or candidate packages for RPO, according to your budget and personnel needs.

    You simply have to tell us who you want, and then, while you sit back and relax, we will find your ideal candidates in 4 to 6 weeks.

    Ready to fill your vacancies?