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Fill your Marketing Vacancies in 4-6 Weeks

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    Finding Marketing Specialists is Hard

    The biggest challenge is to find the right one for you. A good marketing expert will have the right mix of skills and experience to handle your business. They will align their plans and efforts with your business goal to help you grow.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing uses advanced hiring processes to find and hire new talent. These are developed by our skilled recruiters using job market insights and proven recruitment strategies to find and hire skilled marketing professionals. At Outsourcing4work, we find and fill your vacancies with an ideal candidate in 4 – 6 weeks.


    Like everything else, hiring is best left to the experts. Recruitment has technical aspects, so hiring without professional help can be hard and time-consuming. RPO is a promising and low-cost solution to your recruitment needs.

    To do recruitment right, you can’t just post an ad and wait for bites. Your ideal candidate might not be paying enough attention to job ads, so they might miss yours. We won’t let that happen!

    Our experts directly engage and convince them to join your company. The end goal of our RPO services is to find you a candidate beyond your expectations. Choose according to your budget from our full-service, candidate, or hourly packages.


    5 Problems 1 Solution
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Most employers are aware of the 5 biggest recruitment problems:

    • Low number of applications
    • Poor quality of applicants
    • Communication delays
    • No-shows at interviews
    • No correspondence after receiving/accepting the job offer

    These issues waste time and increase costs. You may even have to start from scratch, which is annoying. With RPO, none of this is your problem anymore.

    How We Recruit for Marketing Agencies

    As an agency, many assignments are project-based and driven by your client’s deadlines. That’s why a single new account can make a big difference. You may need to hire people with different skill sets, according to the project. With shifting needs, a full-time recruitment team and hiring tools might be too much to afford.


    Outsouring4work can help you fill your staffing requirements, both temporary and long-term. Our recruiters ensure your hiring needs are handed well and have access to advanced tools to oversee the entire recruitment process. Partnering with us frees you to focus on what really matters – your clients and projects.


    Why Us? Hmm, Good Question!

    We’re an ideal partner to help solve your hiring needs. Here’s why:

    • A team of seasoned sourcers and recruiters who understand your requirements and customize strategies.
    • Access to specialized resources, like a LinkedIn recruiter account, to attract potential candidates.
    • A professional Applicant Tracking System to keep track of applicants’ progress and organize data.

    HR departments generally lack specialists. They usually cannot afford permanent subscriptions to necessary tools and resources either. We have both, and you don’t have to pay extra as they’re included in our recruitment packages..

    Recruitment as a Service

    Our recruitment solutions are customized to your needs, but that’s not all!

    You can choose between our full-service, hourly, or candidate package. The full-service package includes the following recruitment services:

    • Active Sourcing
    • Social Media Recruitment
    • Job Portal Management
    • Campaign Management
    • Weekly Reporting

    Just to make you get your money’s worth, we can help with salary negotiation too!


    Hiring for senior marketing positions is a lot to handle. Why not let us do it for you? We can recruit all types of marketing resources, including:

    • Chief Marketing Officer
    • Head of Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • SEO Expert (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Social Media Marketing Manager
    • Content Marketing Manager
    • SEM Manager (Search Engine Marketing)
    • Performance Marketing Manager
    • Growth Manager
    • PR Manager

    How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Works

    Benefits of Choosing O4w for RPO



    Quick and customized process reducing your hiring time to 4-6 weeks.



    Competitive packages cut operational costs of hiring and specialized resources.



    A range of recruitment solutions is adjusted to best fit your needs.



    A range of recruitment solutions is adjusted to best fit your needs.

    data analytics

    Data Analytics

    Constant monitoring and evaluation for transparency and optimization.

    Multifunctional Competence

    Multifunctional Competence

    Constant monitoring and evaluation for transparency and optimization.



    Complete payment transparency with up-front costing and no hidden charges.

    Professional Applicant Management System

    Professional Applicant Tracking System

    State-of-the-art software for better monitoring of the recruitment process.

    Performance-Based Payment Model

    Success-Based Payment Model

    Pay when you get a successful placement.

    We Help You Hire the Ideal Marketing Experts for Your Team

    Whether you want a Marketing Manager or an experienced Social Media Manager, outsourcing your marketing recruitment makes a lot of sense. We help you find your ideal candidate within 4 to 6 weeks, making your life easier. Forget hiring delays and stressful searching.

    Pick one of our packages.