Risky outsourcing? Outsourcing4work works securely and reliably

Risky outsourcing?

Outsourcing4work works securely and reliably

Some companies still see offshore IT outsourcing as uncertain. Whether due to their own poor experiences, bad word of mouth, unfounded prejudices or even just the desire to communicate with team members in a personal discussion will cause clients to give their IT projects to European workers, instead of taking advantage of offshore IT outsourcing.

Not only do we take these concerns very seriously here at Outsourcing4work, we completely dispel them. We have developed a special business model for this, which we call outsourcing made in Germany.

We have compiled a list of arguments against IT outsourcing here, as Outsourcing4work’s solutions for them.

Against IT outsourcing

Outsourcing with Outsourcing4work

Lack of skills from the Indian developers

At Outsourcing4work we only use highly trained software developers with a university degree and at least three years’ work experience

Differing attitudes to work between the Indian and European team members

All of Outsourcing4work’s employees are extremely motivated. They are paid fairly and have good working conditions. We also continually ensure they understand the European customer service, quality of work and work efficiency expected of them.

Cultural differences between India and Europe, and between companies in both countries.

Outsourcing4work only employs European project managers who are familiar with Indian culture, the Indian market and the Indian economy. They work as an intermediary between client and software developers, avoid misunderstandings and create an easy and successful cooperation for everyone involved.

Language barriers.

outsourcing4work’s project managers speak fluent German and English, and some Hindi. Foreign language skills are not expected of our clients.

Problems in cooperation between different time zones.

outsourcing4work’s software developers work during European office hours.

Unknown, unreliable contractors in India.

Outsourcing4work has nearly 20 years of experience on the market and has valuable know-how in cooperation with Indian companies. It is the sole contracting partner for clients from Europe and assumes responsibility for the implementation of all projects. Outsourcing4work’s partners are renowned, internationally active and reliable companies.

Legal uncertainty due to international treaties and contracting parties.

Outsourcing4work acts as the contracting partner for its European clients. All contracts are under European law.

Declining interest of the Indian software developers towards the end of and after completing a project.

Outsourcing4work generally employs employees for over long periods of time, not only for individual projects. They are committed to Outsourcing4work and work at a continuously high level of quality at the beginning, as well as at the end of a project.

Increased costs due to uncontrollable workload and work efficiency.

outsourcing4work’s employees use time-tracking and monitoring software that ensures that the calculated work hours are actually being used productively for the client. Unproductive times such as breaks, holidays or sick days are not billed to the client. In addition, clients are kept continuously informed on the progress and on the goals achieved.

In this way Outsourcing4work minimizes or even completely avoids all conceivable risks. All of our clients can then enjoy all benefits of offshore IT outsourcing.

  • Access to the world’s largest pool of highly qualified software developers and IT experts
  • Sufficient and flexible capacity for small and large projects
  • Saving of resources and relief from administrative and other duties that do not belong the client’s core business
  • Capacity for large or urgent projects and short project times
  • Highest quality project results at very low rates

With outsourcing made in Germany, we can offer our customers a unique business model that you will not be able to find in other IT outsourcing service providers. Get in touch with us or give us a try! We will convince you.