Internet research: with us you stay flexible.

Internet research:
A business model that finds more and more customers

Internet research is a relatively new business model, but more and more customers are discovering the opportunities it offers: Internet research can be used to identify trends in business life as well as sales strategies or sales planning. Those who do it skilfully will find out through Internet research which customer types respond to which products and how markets are changing. The worldwide network also offers a wide range of interesting material in fields like history, politics, medicine, law, literature and finance. Internet researches find this material, compile it and condense the information into a format that is useful for you and your company.

Professional Internet research reveals essential information

Internet research is usually time-consuming but is worth the effort if you set the right focus. For example, Internet research reveals important information on the following topics and contexts:

  • Market situation/position of competitors
  • Information about prices and products
  • Summaries, reports and analyses
  • Subject research, state of knowledge on specific topics
  • Technical or statistical data
  • Contact addresses of potential customers, investors, partners

A decisive criterion for the quality of the results of Internet research is to entrust the research to professionals from the very beginning, so they can approach online research in a planned manner. We at Outsourcing4work are considered specialists for Internet research: our speciality is professional business process Outsourcing solutions and we offer to delegate Internet research to our competent and reputable partner companies in India. Your advantage: the external employees do Internet research with experience and motivation. You can hire them precisely according to your needs and you remain flexible: whether temporary staff for individual projects, dedicated staff for permanent employment or deployment of permanent teams as an offshore-like branch in India. In any case, we will find a custom-made solution for you.

Internet research: profit from our advantages!

  • You remain flexible – You use our service providers specialised in Internet research flexibly depending on the project and decide for yourself how extensive the research should be and how many employees you would like to hire.
  • You save time – With Outsourcing4work you avoid idle time, long training periods for your own employees and extra pay for overtime or weekend work. Invoicing is accurate to the minute.
  • The low price – Due to the different wage levels between India and Germany, you can buy qualified services at an extremely low price.
  • We also handle large projects – In the case of extensive projects, entire teams are also available to you as “branch light”. We do Internet research in three shifts at request, if necessary seven days a week.
  • Efficiency and competence – What do you need: all-rounders or specialists? All employees of our partner companies are highly competent and very experienced with Internet research. They all have a university degree – some even in computer science.
  • There is no risk – We are your partner, a company based in Germany. This means that you have a German person to contact who takes care of the cooperation with the Indian partner companies. You can reach us during German office hours, and you are also on the safe side legally with a partner who is subject to German law.

Any questions? We look forward to your call

Our German-speaking contacts will be happy to support you in your cooperation with our international partners. Give us a call or make an appointment for a personal meeting: We will explain all the possibilities that Outsourcing to India can offer you.

Reach our goal together

As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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