Successful remote support

Remote support can play an essential role in customer retention and a company’s image. Awareness of what good service is has increased in the last ten years, and the internet is very influential with comparison portals, forums and customer reviews.

Apple has shown just how excellent customer service can affect corporate image. The so-called Genius Bars enjoy an almost cult status among Apple fans.

If you, like many other companies, are not able to use local service centres, you should invest more in a high-quality remote support. Factors such as expertise, optimised workflows and availability are very important.

What makes remote support successful?

A look at what bad customer support can lead to will quickly show you where customer service goes wrong. We have all encountered these problems.

Long waiting times on a service hotline are especially hard to swallow, particularly if you are charged for the call. Many companies manage this with an email-based helpdesk with an automatic ticket system of computerised telephone systems. However, this does not replace human remote support, especially for complex problems.

The communication channels on offer say nothing about the quality of the support itself. This depends more on the technical and communication skills of the support staff. And of course, their availability.

If the remote support service team is too small, then even the best experience will not help much further. Customers will quickly lose their patience if the waiting time is too long. On the other hand, large unqualified teams that are easily accessible are not the solution. A human contact partner is generally quickly available, but then are often unable to help.

It also depends on the right mix of expertise, the communication channels used and availability. A good remote support is optimised in all categories.

Advantages of remote support in India

Through full or partial outsourcing of remote support to India, customer service can be optimised in all three categories without a loss in quality. At the focus of this is naturally the fact that there is a lower level of salaries in India, which lets one operate much larger support centres for the same amount of investment.

If the matter is properly addressed, there will no loss in quality because there is an unlimited amount of qualified IT employees in nearly every specialism in India. If you use an experienced and established support service provider from India, one who has the right expertise at hand, then you can even reach a higher level than you would in Europe. It is possible to recruit support employees in India who have higher qualifications and who have completed a degree in IT. In Europe these kinds of qualified professionals will easily find other jobs.

It can also be useful for strengthening local support teams. Indian support employees will then work on less complex standard problem cases, and will hand over more difficult queries to European or other teams. This type of filter function lets you increase the quality of support and you can also reduce costs at the same time.

How you can get remote support from India

outsourcing4work can help you build a remote support team in India, or find an individual specialist who can affordably strengthen your existing customer support with technical expertise. We have worked with Indian outsourcing providers for a long time. It is therefore very easy for use to find a suitable provider for your needs.

We do not leave you alone after finding the right provider, but instead our own project managers will take over the responsibility for successful cooperation with the Indian partners. You will not need to worry about any bureaucracy or legal uncertainty, as you conclude the contract directly with us as a European company.