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    Hiring Remote
    IT Experts for You

    Like a matrimonial service, the most challenging part of IT-related businesses is finding the right people. This means having the right qualifications, expertise, and experience to help the company achieve its goals. At Outsourcing4work, we help you find and hire the remote IT specialists you want.

    Our IT partners in India permanently employ thousands of specialists. When you share your desired expertise and skill level with us, we deploy a suitable candidate from this talent pool to work remotely for you within a month. These IT specialists go to their offices daily, but they are your dedicated employees working at a fixed hourly rate while O4w monitors their hours. This way, you get a qualified professional and invoices accurate to the last minute. What’s more, our German IT Coordinators will both supervise the employee and bridge the language barrier, so the work transition is seamless.

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    Why Remote IT Professionals?

    You can’t always get what you want. But if you let us, you might find what you need. It is often difficult for companies to get skilled IT resources locally considering the talent shortage and the resulting wage demands. Plus, your HR department may not have the required expertise or time. This means you need a better recruitment alternative – opting for remote IT experts.

    Hiring IT experts is not just difficult; it’s also very expensive. This becomes especially complicated if they’re only needed for a single project. In this case, the cost of hiring and maintaining a full-time employee just isn’t worth it. That’s when hiring a full-time or part-time remote IT professional paid by the hour becomes a very good idea.

    Why Outsourcing4work

    We have been operating in Germany for almost 25 years, so we have both the experience and the resources to find qualified remote employees for you. Our long-term IT partners in India and the established talent pool for the IT expert you require set us apart. It also enables us to fill your vacancies faster.

    The remote IT specialist we hire for you signs a contract to become your employee, supervised by one of our German IT coordinators. These coordinators use Agile methodology to help integrate the remote employee into your work processes, improving communication, and building a collaborative environment.

    So essentially, you get a 2-for-1 deal – an ideal employee paid hourly and a certified Scrum Master to oversee the day-to-day workflow.

    How We Find Remote IT Experts

    We source qualified IT experts within 2 to 4 weeks. Here’s how we do it: 

    Requirement Form
    You fill out our requirement form for the IT specialist and send it to us.


    Video Interview
    We conduct a video interview with potential candidates from our talent pool.


    Screening 1
    Based on this interview, we shortlist candidates matching your requirements.


    Test Task
    We proceed by assigning a test task to assess their abilities.


    Screening 2
    We evaluate their performance of the task and share the results with you.


    Qualified Feedback
    You review the CVs and feedback for the test and tell us which candidate you want to hire.


    Benefits of Choosing O4w to Go Remote

    How We Make Remote Work For You

    In this day and age, working together regardless of location is a necessity. We ensure our expertise, transparency, agility and management help you succeed with your remote employees.

    Here is how your remote IT professionals work seamlessly with the rest of your team:

    • Permanent connection of all team members via a chat group​
    • Daily online Scrum meetings (max. 15 minutes) with a German IT coordinator
    • Cloud-based project management software for all team members​
    • Cloud-based versioning software for team members to submit their work results (code)
    • Cloud-based time tracking software with real-time performance documentation​
    • Possibility of on-site meetings/training at the customer’s facility with an Indian employee or a German IT coordinator​

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    Can’t Find IT Professionals Locally? Get in Touch!

    Let Outsourcing4work help you by finding qualified remote IT experts working under the supervision of our German IT coordinators. These remote employees are paid by the hour, depending on their expertise and experience. One thing is for sure – the cost will be lower than an in-house IT specialist.

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