Recruitment Problems and Solutions

Finding and inspiring young talent for the company is proving to be an increasingly difficult challenge. The prevailing shortage of skilled workers in Germany creates additional recruitment issues, as a result of which the application process drags on. In this article, we will explain 7 typical recruitment problems and show in detail how you can find recruitment solutions in the future.

7 Common Recruitment Problems and Their Solution

1) Attract the Right Candidates

In an applicant pool with numerous under qualifications, it’s hard to find and hire the right person. Companies are aware of these limitations and focus on finding a suitable person available at the time. From a business perspective, this described application process brings in massive documentation to sort and assess. Time crunches and staff shortages often ensure that, in the case of a large applicant pool, people with the best possible qualifications for the advertised job profile are overlooked. The qualifications and knowledge of the individual applicants are more important than the number of applications received.

Solution: Develop a job description with clear requirements and qualification points in the advertisement. In addition, “knock-out” questions that generate quick information about the most important concerns can help. For example, if a driver’s license is mandatory for the job, asking about the driver’s license class in the application process is a knock-out question. Such questions help prevent a hodgepodge of documentation from unqualified candidates.

2) Communicate with Suitable Personnel

Good candidates receive regular input or inquiries from staffing agencies. This fact makes it more difficult to stand out positively and engage in conversation with potential employees. Candidates with specialized and much sought-after skills tend to have multiple job offers. When communicating with these professionals, you should take extra steps to stand out positively from the competition and pique their interest.

Solution: Find qualified professionals with active sourcing. Qualified professionals should be approached in a personalized manner. Intensive research about the job role and personality required to fill that vacancy helps to send personalized emails or messages to professionals. Do you lack the personnel for such an approach? An expert recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company can take charge of your entire recruitment process efficiently and profitably. Outsourcing4work has highly qualified recruitment specialists who can analyze your problems and then optimize and professionalize the process of finding the right candidate for you.

3) Make The Recruitment Process More Efficient

In certain industries, some qualified employees are found and yet the hiring process drags on for several months. A long recruitment period is on the one hand very expensive and on the other hand, reduces the willingness of the skilled employees to enter into a long-term hiring process with the company.

Tip: Let a professional recruiting specialist analyze your recruiting problems in detail. The experts will examine whether all recruitment phases are really necessary and whether communication between the company and applicants can be made more efficient.

4) Use Data-Driven Recruiting

Some companies are already using recruitment data to make better decisions throughout the hiring process to avoid hiring problems. However, this requires tedious data collection and maintenance. Most of the time, the “data jungle” poses a huge recruiting problem for companies after a certain point. This is because manual data entry is prone to human error and makes it difficult to accurately track data and complete the hiring process.

Tip: Hiring teams need ways to compile and organize data efficiently and in an optimized manner. Recruitment data can be stored and exported using a specialized applicant management system. In addition, not all recruitment data parameters need to be brought to bear – simple data collection managed by proper software is enough to improve data-driven recruitment.

5) Ensure Good Candidate Experience

Candidate experience describes the perception and experience a candidate feels and assesses throughout the recruitment process. A positive candidate experience always has a beneficial effect. And this is independent of the outcome of the application process. Because:  

– Applicants make positive comments regardless of the outcome.  

– Positive testimonials strengthen the brand as an employer.  

– The company gains more recognition.  

– Candidates voluntarily remain in the application pool.

Solution: Automate your communication processes and let candidates know when they can expect a response. It is important that candidates always feel personally addressed in the communication and that no general phrases are used. Furthermore, being open and making company values and culture available also has a positive effect.

6) Recruit Fairly and Diversely

Most recruiters still have difficulties evaluating suitable candidates objectively and without prejudice, that’s why it takes a lot of time to hire. Usually, this is done subconsciously and not with malicious intent. While legal regulations increase awareness of bias-free assessments, stereotypes can still interfere with a good recruiting process. Equal opportunities and an objective approach have a positive impact on the company’s success and help enormously in finding suitable candidates. In addition, you create an inclusive work atmosphere for your company that suggests to potential employees that performance is the only thing that matters.

Solution: Objective hiring processes can be implemented excellently via software. The “blind” hiring software and structured interviews ensure value-free hiring processes. A recruiting specialist knows hiring software inside out and will give you new opportunities in the candidate market. With over 25 years of experience in the market, Outsourcing4work’s professional recruitment processes are a step towards easy hiring in the future.

7) More Efficiency in Recruitment

Recruiting teams should communicate quickly to evaluate candidates easily and objectively to avoid recruitment delays. In addition, they should know exactly what’s next and organize each upcoming step in the application process. Recruiters coordinate all communication and usually pursue different overriding interests than hiring managers. Furthermore, administrative tasks, such as planning and organizing job interviews, take up plenty of time and a lot of effort.

How Good Recruitment Works

Lean hiring processes, active sourcing and the addition of specialized software to implement applicant management systems are essential in modern recruiting processes. It is also followed by a recruiting presence on social media platforms and efficient planning, organization, and execution of interviews. If you regularly hire new staff or urgently need specialized professionals, you will not be able to meet the considerable demands of the modern hiring process on a long-term basis. The solution for your company is a long-term partnership with a professional company that knows all the requirements and has the expertise to optimize the application processes. Outsourcing4work accesses a worldwide network and finds suitable candidates for you within four weeks. From requirements planning to candidate selection, to the interview: You decide which processes you transfer to Outsourcing4work.

Your Advantages through RPO

Your company is successful and well-established on the market? It is quite possible that your personnel requirements have increased. With the prevailing shortage of skilled workers and the complex recruiting challenges, professional recruiting processes cannot be set up in a short time. So, with the help of a professional outsourcing recruitment process, you can eliminate your recruitment problems. Here’s what RPO offers:

  • A well-founded and cost-efficient job and demand planning  
  • A personalized search for suitable candidates (active sourcing)  
  • Active social media recruiting (e.g., via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, etc.)  
  • A pre-selection of suitable candidates  
  • Conducting background checks  
  • Implementing applicant management system for professional assessment 
  • The organization, preparation, and execution of personal interviews 
  • First-class employer branding 
  • Improve candidate experience and perception of the process 
  • Final hiring and onboarding

Bid farewell to recruitment problems and let your company benefit from Outsourcing4work’s recruitment specialists and cost-effective solutions. Arrange a free initial consultation now.