Qualified Typo3 and Ruby on Rails developers from India

Publishing House Develops Media Portals with
Indian TYPO3 and Ruby on Rails Developers

The Client

A publisher active in print and online operates a series of media portals based on Typo3 and Ruby on Rails. The company was looking for qualified Typo3 and Ruby on Rails developers to maintain and further develop these portals. They wanted both to be available for long-term co-operation.

The Challenge

The client demanded the ability to work on different projects with changing tasks in parallel, hence the pressure on Outsourcing4work was correspondingly high:

  • Qualified and experienced developers able to think in an interdisciplinary way and integrate well into existing structures.
  • Simple collaboration without excessive effort spent on coordination or administration.
  • Low costs, reduced as much as possible.

Our Approach

Thanks to our cooperation with our partners in India – the world’s largest recruitment market for IT professionals – we were able to fully meet the client’s needs.

  • Our coordinator immediately started working on the project by searching for suitable developers. From several qualified candidates, he and the client selected suitable specialists for Typo3 and Ruby on Rails. The work processes were then jointly defined.
  • The coordinator took over the administration of the cooperation. In addition, as a “mentality bridge”, it ensured mutual understanding between the client and developers. This helped him avoid misunderstandings or diverging ideas and ensured all such instances were clarified quickly.
  • As a first step, the developers installed copies of the live pages to be edited on a development server. The actual development work and tests then took place in a protected environment before the results were transferred to the live system.
  • On the coordinator’s recommendation, the client decided to use the Kanban method and JIRA software as the central tool for managing the development tasks.
  • Screenshots – created automatically every 3 minutes by a cloud-based system – allowed the client to follow their developers’ work. An integrated time recording system also enabled the work done to be invoiced to the minute.
  • The following workflow was agreed upon:

  • The client enters all tasks to be processed in the JIRA Backlog.
  • The developers estimate the amount of time they expect to spend on each task, recommend the best way to proceed and add to the entries accordingly.
  • The customer checks and approves the time estimate and the implementation proposals. If necessary, questions or reservations are discussed beforehand in a meeting.
  • The developers get the tasks to be processed from JIRA Todo.
  • After completion, they hand them back to the customer.

The Result

  • The Indian developers convinced the client with their expertise, working methods and team spirit, while consistently delivering quality work.
  • Thanks to the efforts of the Outsourcing4work coordinator, the client and developers can concentrate on the actual work to be done. Accordingly, additional administrative or organizational burdens have been eliminated.

Outsourcing4work was able to support the client with specialists who are highly demanded in Germany and relatively unavailable.

Direct access to the almost inexhaustible Indian market for IT specialists and comprehensive customer service in Germany, ensure a successful and motivating working relationship with all parties involved.

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    Reach our goal together

    As your partner, we actively support you in getting IT specialists and consultants for smooth cooperation in IT teams.


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