Systematic product research is essential in many areas of business, whether in purchasing, optimising business processes or for analysing the competition. A well-conducted product research will clearly show the best way forward for the company.

The internet has made this process significantly easier, as you can find nearly all the necessary information for almost every product. However, the web can be an overgrown jungle. In order to find crucial information on a product you will need to have a bit of research know-how as well as time. A simple Google search is usually not enough, and this is very true for any product which is commonly found.

Outsourcing product research

Product research can be fully or partially outsourced very affordably, thanks to business process outsourcing (BPO). There are now a large number of providers specialised in online research who charge low rates. If you use offshore providers from India, then it is possible to conduct online research for a fraction of the cost.

Research professionals often get results much faster and can find information that others might miss. They use technological tools which have been optimised for online research such as targeted search operators for Google and special search engines. Linguistic skills and the clever use of synonyms and relevant keywords also play an important role.

When doing product research, you will need to use knowledge specific to the product in order to uncover topic hubs. These hubs include websites, catalogues, databases, directories, journalistic articles, Wikipedia entries, Facebook pages, postings or also individual documents (PDF, DOCX, etc.) such as scientific works which can provide some of the most relevant and best sources for specific topics.

Complete or supplementary product research

Depending on the circumstances, it could be worthwhile to hand over the entire product research or to simply hire an outsourcing provider for just a primary information search. If you delegate the entire product research to external professionals, you will need to specify the details very precisely. A detailed Excel spreadsheet in which all the individual data and sources are structured is very well suited to this.

But it is also worth your while to give the product research to a specialist for the first overview. You can do more in-depth analyses later yourself, or instruct the outsourcing provider on the next steps and split the research.

However you choose to proceed – you will often reach your goal faster by outsourcing the product research. The costs are often manageable as well if you use Indian outsourcing workers. Salaries in the Asian country are very low, and you will find a huge number of highly trained IT and BPO professionals with many years of experience. There are agencies in India which specialise in online research. Depending on the topic, you can even hire an expert specialised in it who will gather together all the required information for you.

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