Product documentation

It all depends on good product documentation. At least it does if you are the manufacturer of a technical product. No matter if it is a lawn mower, a video screen, a biogas system or a food processor: product documentation – also called technical documentation – includes all the documents that describe this technical product: operating manual, technical drawings and manufacturing documentation, user manual and system description. Product documentation systematically prepares all the necessary information and structures it according to a certain index.

Outsourcing product documentation – why not?

Product documentation serves several very important purposes: firstly, you will need to be able to explain to the user how to operate it, and secondly they secure the legal liability of the manufacturer – it must meet its legal accountability – and lets you draw conclusions on reproducibility and traceability. And ultimately, it contributes to the permanent statutory archiving of the content. Creating product documentation is a challenging task.

Only professionals who have experience in this area and who are well-versed in this matter can do it, since the product documentation needs to be structured and logically organised in a specific system. To facilitate handling, certain documents are summarised in groups either according to topic or analogue on the structure of the product, and are managed with modular document lists and tables of content. For the purpose of traceability of the revision levels, change history is often used. The system of documentation for product documentation is done on the basis of DIN standards.

Specialised service providers from India

Creating product documentation takes knowledge and experience – both offered by specialised service providers in India.

Developing product documentation is a complex task which needs a lot of experience and attention to detail. If you do not have your own employees who are free to take on this time-consuming task or who are ready to deal with this matter, you should consider handing over these tasks to a company that has been professionally active for years in the field of product documentation.

Many manufacturers of technical products take this route: they have their product documentation created and translated externally – often even abroad. Knowledge, expertise and low rates are not exclusive anymore: many business services can be outsourced easily – even product documentation. This offers the company many advantages:

  • Reduction of cost for creating product documentation
  • Speedy creation, maintenance and translation of the product documentation
  • Consistent cross-company experience in the field of product documentation and manuals
  • Optimisation and standardisation of the process from creation to printing

outsourcing4work is a provider of high quality service in terms of product documentation. We work with qualified service providers from India who specialise in office services such as creating product documentation. These partner companies employ hundreds of employees solely for creating product documentation and technical documentation, and have a great deal of experience in this area. And the price is also right, as services are done at much lower rates than are found in Europe.

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