Photo editing is usually a task for professional graphic designers and image editors. Despite this, photo editing is often a large part of a professional photographer’s job, more than their actual area of expertise – photography. What the statistics given by the international society of professional and wedding photographer show is no different to their colleagues in fashion, PR and agency photography. Photo editing takes up twice as much time as photography!

Source: The Secret Life Of Wedding Photographers, ISPWP 2009

When is photo editing outsourcing worth it

Professional photographers can do away with a large part of photo editing with outsourcing, and maximise their profits at the same time. The increase in free time means that they can take on additional work.

If you assume that you took more than 700 images as a photographer at a trade fair, you will need to give at least 150 photos to the client. You will spent a lot of time on the perspective, arrangement and selection of the raw material, but then the work really gets started.

The 150 photos must be each individually retouched, which can easily take from twenty to thirty minutes per image. If you apply that to the 150 photos, that would take you around 62.5 hours for this job alone. If you are extremely skilled and quick, you might finish it in about forty hours.  But you will still need to take breaks for this work – which requires high levels of concentration.

If you hand over a part of this photo editing to an outsourcing agency in India, you will benefit in two ways. On the one hand, your own hourly wage as a professional photographer is much higher than that of an India photo editing professional. If you use the additional free time for extra jobs, you can pocket the difference. And because an outsourcing agency specialised in photo editing can spread the work amongst many employees, you will get results even faster than if you had spent all your time on it yourself.

Advanced photo editing

In addition to a qualitative improvement in the image thanks to contrast correction, as well as correcting the brightness, saturation, gamma and colour, specialised providers in India will also take on tasks that go above and beyond photo editing.

In addition to noise reduction, sharpness, cropping and straightening, it can also be trimming, removing the background and black dots, increasing the background relative to the people and object or targeted colour manipulation according to specific criteria.

The most important is that it is done exactly according to your specifications. This can be done in larger sets of photos with example/test images with feedback.

References and demo images

Before you contract an outsourcing provider with your photo editing, you can also browse through their references and sample material. This will not only give you information on their technical skills, but will also help you see if the image agency meets your visual requirements.

outsourcing4work is happy to arrange a suitable provider for you. We have contact to many professional image agencies who are specialised in photo editing for a wide range of topics. In addition, we provide you with legal certainty – you can conclude the contract directly with us as a European company. We will then ensure proper implementation.