Indian providers can make it

If you would like to have photos edited professionally, you don’t have to find an expensive graphic designer from Europe. Indian photo editors will do this work at a fraction of the cost, and you won’t have to compromise on high quality.

You can have photo editing done in various ways – you will find experienced specialists in India for each method, specialists who do nothing else every day. This can include the retouching, colour enhancement or restoration of old photos, as well as extensive manipulation with Adobe Photoshop. Short-term photo editing of large image collections or a continuous service for companies in the media industry is possible with Indian providers.

Photo editing services: quality is important

Professional results can only be achieved by an experienced provider. Simpler photo editing can perhaps be done by an in-house marketing team, or with a graphic designer who works with you.

If you are under time pressure or have a large amount of photos it can be well worth it to use an Indian agency. The high wage differences between India and Europe make this possible, even for small budgets. Here are a few examples where using an Indian provider is well worth it:

Photo editing event pictures

You organised an event and now high huge stacks of high-resolution images with many important subjects. Since you didn’t hire a professional photographer the brightness, contrast and colour quality is not ideal for most of the pictures. Rather than subjecting your employees to the tedious work of editing hundreds or thousands of images with a photo editing program, you can just hire an Indian professional.

Real estate agents: photo editing property images

As a real estate agent you constantly receive images from clients which are bad quality, and your own in-house photographer is busy. Through continuous collaboration with an Indian photo editor you will always have perfectly edited imaged for your properties.

Web agencies: photo editing images of products, presentations and people

Web agencies work with a lot of images and also use professional photo databases. These PR professionals like to hand over these tedious photo editing for large projects to external agencies. They can concentrate on their own creative work thanks to the out of house realisation. Raw material, sketches and designs can be given to the Indian graphic designers, who then create glossy brochures or other material in high quality.

Restoration: photo editing old photos

As a publisher you would like to publish a biography and have a large amount of very old, scratched, ripped or yellowed family photos. Experienced image specialists can expertly restore these very important photos.

outsourcing4work can help you in all of these cases, and will introduce you to a suitable Indian provider who will deliver you the highest quality at low rates. We have a large network of suitable partners for every type of job.