Save time and money with outsourcing

A steadily increasing number of business clients are using professional image processing:  photographers and photo agencies need portraits and wedding pictures to be retouched, real estate agencies get photographs of holiday flats and apartments edited, online shops and mail order companies have thousands of product images that need to be flawless and look professional – whether cropping the image, retouching backgrounds and shadows, or even playing with the colours in the image.  It makes sense to delegate these services to a specialised company, especially if there is a large amount of them that need to be professionally processed.  However, this can cost you. Many companies would like to optimise the costs for professional image processing, and not have to compromise on quick and secure handling.  Outsourcing to India can be the solution – here are 5 reasons why:

Professional image processing: save time and money with outsourcing

  1. High specialisation: there is a huge amount of qualified service providers in India who are specialised in professional image processing. They offer a wide range of photo editing tasks that fit perfectly to the needs of online shops, photographers or web agencies. This includes retouching close-ups as well as editing shots of buildings, restoring historic photos and cropping product images.
  2. Exceptional quality: the Indian subcontinent has become the number one outsourcing market over the last few years. Companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM have contributed by opening a location in India, but the Indian central government has also invested heavily in the development of centres of academic excellence. India has a large amount of specialists in software and IT development, but also many highly qualified people who work in IT related services. They have the knowledge and expertise to use modern software for tasks such as professional image processing.
  3. Diversified supply structure: India is a main location to outsource business processes, IT services or even back office tasks – including professional image processing. India has more than 50% of the market share on the global offshore market. India’s dominance in outsourcing and the IT service sector is due to many factors: millions of well-qualified people, as well as the low costs for the recruitment and training of employees, costs for corporate infrastructure and workplaces, as well as the tax aspects.  In addition, Indian companies have developed a wide range of services.
  4. Low costs: India is still a low-wage country. Despite the fact that wages have increased in the last few years, and Indian IT professionals earn very well for the country, wage levels are still far below the rates in European countries. European companies now offer their employees more than just good salaries: flexible work models, company gyms and restaurants are among the many “perks” which take up a lot of investment. It is therefore very affordable for European companies to outsource services such as professional image processing to India.
  5. Great flexibility: India is currently the most competitive and popular outsourcing destination in the global outsourcing and offshoring market, thanks to its large pool of IT experts such as developers and web designers, as well as professionals for the back office and professional image processing. This has been confirmed by various studies. Indian companies employ hundreds, sometimes even thousands of equally qualified employees and can respond flexibly to the needs of their clients in Europe.  If you have a job to retouch thousands of photos, their many employees can professionally process them. They work in shifts seven days a week, and entire teams can be “hired”. This flexibility is one of the great strengths of Indian companies.