IT and Business Process Outsourcing professionally and affordably
  • Specialized in Indian IT experts
  • German coordinators / mentality bridge
  • German contract partners
  • Significant cost advantages
  • 20 years of Outsourcing4work GmbH


Outsourcing Made in Germany – how to benefit from Indian IT experts with the security of a German contract partner

Outsourcing4work combines the advantages of offshore Outsourcing with the security and quality of a German contract partner. Because Outsourcing is promising: You become more flexible, save time and costs. We protect you against risks.

IT Outsourcing offers enormous potential for companies. While many companies are already Outsourcing tasks within Germany, some companies are still holding back from Outsourcing to countries outside Europe. Outsourcing4work has been active in this field for over 25 years. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what is important in IT Outsourcing and how we achieve goals together with our customers and for our customers.

A certified German IT coordinator (Scrum Master) will accompany your project from the beginning, build a bridge between your company and Indian IT specialists and ensure a continuously high professional level. Our IT coordinators help ensure that new IT staff and teams integrate smoothly into your workflows. In this way, we integrate external know-how into your company.

Outsourcing with German quality standards: our quality guarantee

At Outsourcing4work we work according to German quality standards and are available during German office hours. Since our foundation in 1993, we have established a network of Indian partner companies. Our partners are exclusively renowned companies with whom we have been working together successfully and with confidence for many years. Through our partner companies, we have access to a huge talent bank and can fill vacancies quickly and precisely. Several thousand highly qualified IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) specialists are permanently employed by our partners and are available to work with you. Thanks to our many years of know-how and our strong partners in India, you always receive high quality and reliable results.

Our IT coordinators support you throughout the entire cooperation so that we can achieve our goal together: your successfully completed project. The German IT coordinators of Outsourcing4work are certified and trained in the agile project management methods Scrum and Kanban. In addition, we place great importance on continuous training in the areas of data protection and communication for all employees.

Secure Outsourcing: risk protection and data protection at European level

With Outsourcing4work you have a reliable partner for your Outsourcing project at your side. As a German company based in Darmstadt, Hessen, we are your reliable contractual partner. We conclude contracts in German language, written according to German law. Risk protection in our contracts offer the greatest possible security for our clients: we look for qualified candidates who are a perfect fit for your project. If it should become necessary, we offer you the possibility of replacing individual employees or your entire team. This way we minimise your risk and you remain flexible.

You always maintain an overview of the project. Reaching the goal together means for us: Our IT coordinators are at your side from the very beginning, so that our Indian IT specialists know exactly what is important to you.

We set the highest standards for the protection of your data. Internal data protection officers guarantee compliance with the European data protection basic regulation (GDPR) in all work processes. We only use secure tools and secure software so that we can guarantee reliable protection of your data. In addition, our employees are continuously trained and sensitised in the area of data protection. Thus, confidential customer data is in the best hands with us and our partners.

Flexibility through Outsourcing pays off

With IT Outsourcing you remain flexible. We fill vacancies with precisely fitting, qualified specialists within two to four weeks. Through our long-standing cooperation with partners in India, we have access to over 5,000 permanent IT and BPO specialists. Do the parameters of your project change? Then your team can be enlarged or reduced at short notice. Should it become necessary, we can exchange individual specialists or the entire team. Our future-oriented remote model eliminates waiting times. A further plus: You do not incur any costs for unused capacities. You pay to the minute, only for the time the IT team spends on your project. With the help of our time recording system, we also log all work processes and are thus able to constantly optimise processes.

India: a huge talent pool of IT professionals

More and more companies are recognising the advantages of Outsourcing parts of their IT: You optimise your costs and become more flexible. You create the freedom to concentrate on your core business or relieve your own experts of standard tasks. Offshore Outsourcing with Indian partners offers enormous potential. Two-thirds of global IT Outsourcing is already taking place in India [1]. Around 500,000 highly qualified IT specialists form the talent pool [2] in India’s growing IT industry. In the financial year 2020, India’s IT-BPM sector generated a turnover of 191 billion US dollars and employed 4.4 million people [3].

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