Aufgaben eines Datenerfassers

What does a data processor do?“- We often hear this question if someone wants to know more about the possibilities of business process outsourcing (BPO). That’s why we’d like to give you a short overview of what one does.

As the name suggests, a data processors optimises the collection and storage of data. Data here refers to any kind of information which can be categorised and stored as records according to certain criteria. This can be names, addresses, categories or numerical values which need to be put in a specific order and are saved in databases or tables.

Automated or manual: data entry comes in many forms

Manual data entry and automated data entry differ mainly on the basis of the documentation to be evaluated. Manual data entry is generally used for all types of paper based documents which can not be read or evaluated by a machine. This can also include online sources which can not be easily queried or read with software.

On the other hand, automated data entry is used for photographed or scanned originals. Printed or handwritten information is automatically read and sorted, then stored using OCR software. These types of systems are often used in logistics companies. Depending on the document type, language and the data destination, automated data entry needs customised systems. Paper documents will require a manual reworking of any document that the software cannot read.

Automatic data entry can also refer to online data source or data streams which are evaluated with the help of special software. And then, the data is saved in the desired format.

What does a data processor do as an outsourcing provider?

In the field of BPO there are many professional providers specialising in data collection in all its forms. Large-scale data collection with special hardware and software and workflows which have been optimised accordingly can be done quickly by outsourcing professionals, much faster than if a company were to do it itself. The larger and more extensive the contract, the greater the productivity benefits for the company. But providers specialised on certain complex types of data are also used for smaller projects.

If you would like to use data entry for your company and are looking for a suitable provider, then it is recommended to use a company with a wide range of services.

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