Spezialisierte externe Mitarbeiter für Ihre Datenerfassung

Don’t misuse your employees! Data collection is an area that is most likely not suited to the ability or salary costs of your expertise.

Many companies therefore prefer to employ business process outsourcing (BPO) external employees as an alternative. Data collection is a traditional field of work in which many specialised providers offer their services.

Specialised external employees: data entry by professionals

BPO specialised providers employ specially trained data entry clerks to professionally handle data. Data collection is often more than just entering a simple series of numbers in Excel spreadsheets.

Paper-based documents that are filled in by hand will require much more manual effort from a data entry clerk. Data collection often requires that this type of material is entered by hand. The documents are first usually scanned or photographed, and then evaluated on the computer. The text is then recognised with OCR software and later corrected following the four-eyes principle: text that is not recognised must be typed in by hand.

Handling digital material which can be read with software tools is a bit easier for a data entry clerk. The data is then usually presented as raw data in a table, and then needs to be put into the correct format.

This type of data extraction will require a data entry clerk who is somewhat better trained. Data entry will require manual processing of the data material, conversion of the data into specific formats and cleansing the database through an automatic filter, which will need to be set up or programmed.

Indian outsourcing employees – affordable data entry

outsourcing4work can provide you with professional providers from India for every type of professional data collection. We guarantee a high standard of quality and take many security measures to ensure that your sensitive data does not end up in the wrong hands.

The contracts are concluded directly with us for your security. Our own project managers will ensure that your data is ready on time and in the correct format.