The philosophy of functioning
remote work: Learn more about
our concept our goals and
our vision of the future.

Remote It-Arbeit in Deutschland

The philosophy of functioning
remote work: Learn more about
our concept our goals and
our vision of the future.

Cost-efficient personnel solution – with us as partner, agent and consultant

In our industry, rapid change is a daily companion. The overall goal of our work has always been to support companies in the IT sector. Founded 27 years ago, we have developed over the years into a recruitment agency that places highly qualified IT professionals from India remotely and locally to clients. We rely on a digital infrastructure and communication that optimises all processes in a future-oriented remote working structure. Our customers benefit from competent advice and the placement of highly qualified IT specialists, while our employees benefit from flexible work structures and excellent working conditions. In the future, we will continue to pursue our goal of becoming a pioneer in the placement of remote specialists.

Our values: agility, future-oriented, integrity, diversity

We have been working for many years as experienced consultants in human resources and intermediaries for IT professionals from India. We know from our own experience that India is a leader in IT and that professionals from this country can be a great help for other companies in this country. Meanwhile, we are working with reliable partner companies in India, which recruit the best IT professionals and specialists for Business Process Outsourcing, customised toward the needs of our customers. Our more than 5000 full-time IT specialists from India have a high level of education and master various programming languages. We are in a position to provide each client with a precisely fitting qualified candidate within two to four weeks – both remotely and on-site at the company. Thus, Specific IT problems can be solved efficiently and cost-effectively by our customers, or we can also find permanent employees and fill vacancies within a short time. Our IT coordinators ensure smooth and barrier-free co-operation.

Social responsibility is just as important to us as a high quality of placement and consulting. We provide excellent working conditions, training opportunities and higher earning potential for our IT specialists. We offer all our employees an optimal work-life balance and focus on a “reach the goal together” mentality, which our customers can feel. Our certified German IT co-ordinators (Scrum Master) also build bridges between different departments and cultures and take care of both professional and interpersonal issues and challenges.

Unlimited resources
for small and medium-sized enterprises

Since the establishment of outsourcing4work GmbH, we have set one main goal in our: support small and medium-sized enterprises and organisations so that they can compete with international companies in the IT sector. outsourcing4workdeveloped software for the small and middle-sized enterprise sector and the public sector. Although we have always kept our amount of work limited, when it comes to the deciding factor, these programs can hold their own against the larger and more complex developments of larger companies.

This success would have never been possible without the consistent use of highly professional Indian software developers. It soon it became clear that this cooperation offered tremendous potential for the projects of many small and medium-sized enterprises. We became well-versed not only in the advantages, but also in the risks posed to businesses and organizations with limited resources during IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing. And we found ways to minimize these risks.

This has resulted in close to 20 years of successful work at outsourcing4work.

We support small and medium-sized enterprises with resources and expertise so that they can fully benefit from the world’s largest outsourcing market: India.

Less talk, more action

In countless projects and with constant small and large improvements we were able to develop efficient processes and tools to meet this requirement:

  • We have built stable business relationships with reliable partner companies in India, companies who recruit the best software developers and specialists in business outsourcing on our behalf. They hire them as permanent employees, provide excellent working conditions and adequate rates.
  • We have created the necessary infrastructure in Europe in order to meet all the requirements of our clients.
  • With our transparent working methods and risk protection for clients, we protect our clients against all uncertainties that could affect the cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises with offshore outsourcing providers.
  • Thanks to our experience and our work processes which have been perfected down to the smallest detail, we are able to offer these services at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Our success proves us right time and time again, and we are happy to repeat it at every new opportunity.

As a 100% remote company, we are specialists in the field of digital collaboration. With more than 5,000 IT specialists and over 150+ employees around the world, we have been able to gain years of experience and continue to analyse and optimise digital processes. In our own corporate culture, we are constantly finding new ways to further develop remote working models and bring employees and customers closer together.

We continue to work constantly on improving our services and our offers. Because just like our customers, the market with its various tasks and requirements is constantly changing. For this reason, we as a company remain agile and flexible. With dynamic processes, we ensure the economic success of our customers and the satisfaction of all employees. Our goal is to become a pioneer in the digital working world and in the placement of remote specialists as a partner, consultant and intermediary.

Reach our goal together

Reaching the goal together also means recognising the wishes and needs of the partner and orienting oneself towards them. As an experienced company with more than 25 years of experience, we do not offer off-the-peg measures, but individual solutions that minimise our customers’ personnel and administrative expenses and lead us to the goal together. In doing so, we focus on transparency, trust and agility.

Would you like to learn more about our philosophy of functioning remote work and benefit from the opportunities of the Indian personnel market? You don’t know whether IT or BPO specialists are a good fit for your company? Contact us now and get a free consultation!

Share our vision!

If you, like us, believe that businesses of every size can profit from IT outsourcing, then get in touch with us. If you have doubts, then it’s even more important to get in touch. We will look over your needs and the possibilities that we can offer you together with you. We look forward to meeting you.