Online Secretary from India

Nowadays, having your own online secretary does not need to be expensive if you use an outsourcing service provider from India. The large difference in salary between Europe and India, a country known for its well-trained IT specialists, makes an online secretary possible even for smaller budgets.

India has become the global leader in the field of IT outsourcing over the last 20 years, and has been the world’s leading exporter in related services since 2005. Professional agencies or experienced self-made companies offer everything, from business process outsourcing (BPO) up to software development. Therefore, finding an excellently trained online secretary in India is one of the easier outsourcing tasks.

Areas of responsibility for an online secretary

The jobs of an online secretary depend on you! Professionals who offer their services as an online secretary are usually trained in multiple disciplines and have enough experience for many tasks. There are a number of activities that are particularly well suited for an online secretary.

These include of course traditional Office work such as editing Excel spreadsheets and text-based work such as proofreading, transcription, simple translations and answering emails. Even tasks such as English language telephone service or creating PowerPoint presentations can be easily given over to an online secretary.

The term online primarily refers to the central communication channel between secretary and client. Thanks to apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Slack and naturally email, it is easy to remain in constant contact with one another.

For all online tasks a suitable assistant is highly recommended. An online secretary can also help with internet research, online competitive analysis or simple data collection from appropriate websites.

An online secretary can also take over standardised social media activities. You can trust a secretary to oversee and manage various profiles, which means you don’t need to look after them yourself. They can pass on important feedback from your contacts and the virtual secretary will make sure that there are regular new posts from you.

You can also hand over blogs to an online secretary if they have the right writing skills and content expertise, so they can write new posts independently and respond to user comments.

Online secretary from India: we can help

outsourcing4work can find you a suitable online secretary from India for your exact requirements. We just need to know what criteria and technical skills are important to you in order to find you a suitably qualified employee.

You can hire a virtual secretary as permanently available service staff and as a ‘go to’ person, or hire them only for specific tasks that they complete on a project basis.

Once we have found you a suitable online secretary, we will assist you in the coordination with our own project managers, which is especially useful in the coordination phase. You conclude the contract with us as a European company and do not need to worry about any details such as payment abroad, or legal certainty.