An experienced online marketing assistant

An experienced online marketing assistant can get more out of your brand and your products through targeted internet optimisation. Small businesses and start-ups especially have the tendency to neglect marketing in the early days of business to protect their small budget and overused management resources.

Untrained employees are then entrusted with online marketing as a stopgap, or maybe even the CEO will try their hand at marketing with very limited success. It is all too easy to forget that an online marketing assistant should have extensive technical expertise and experience to be successful.

What an online marketing assistant can do

Successful online marketing requires more than just good communication and psychological knowledge. A good online marketing assistant will be experienced in many technical tools and promotional strategies to increase visibility online. They will use different techniques based on the topic, brand and product.

These tasks could be from maintaining a corporate blog, SEO optimisation of product pages or other content, optimised social media activities, targeted advertising on Facebook, Google or other provider or writing guest articles for influential websites. Email marketing via a newsletter, contests, surveys, funny YouTube videos or targeted contact with influencers are also marketing strategies often employed online.

The approach will depend on the product to be advertised. For websites that are content based with online advertising, the online marketing assistant will concentrate on high traffic. If the goal is product sales, subscribers or customer acquisition for specific services, then the assistant will concentrate on potential customer profiles and target groups.

In any case, an online marketing assistant will deal with a lot of data since targeted internet marketing requires intelligent analysis techniques. Content that is published on your own website can be evaluated with Google Analytics or similar tools, and you can continuously learn from self-published content. It is the same for advertisements or other advertising activities online. No matter what strategy you choose, there will always be data that will then need to be assessed.

On Twitter and other social networks, you can publish for maximum visibility at the optimal time of day. And with the right tools you can optimise your advertising campaigns according to the right words, colours, banner sizes and location.

A/B tests that run simultaneously can increase the effectiveness of campaigns, and also show the best achievable target group with statistical tools according to age, sex, interests, location, language, country and other similar parameters. Finally, the online marketing assistant can better target the campaign and improve the cost-benefit ration.

Online marketing assistant: specialist vs. all-rounder

It is relatively easy to find an online marketing assistant with special expertise such as social media or SEO. Experts with comprehensive knowledge also exist, but they are expensive. If you hire an online marketing assistant as an outsourcing employee on an hourly basis, or if you pay them according to specific target indicators (KPI), then you can often reduce your costs as a result. You can hire the right specialist for each individual task.

You then take over the coordination of the outsourced marketing team yourself, or another member of staff will do it. Once you find the right profile, you can even delegate the coordination to an external outsourcing employee.

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