Hire an online assistant

You can hire an online assistant even with a small budget thanks to the high pay gap between Europe and low wage countries like India. Online assistants are especially popular services in the context of business process outsourcing (BPO) for exactly this reason.

Handing over specific recurring office tasks to specific employees not a new invention from the internet. Previously they were called secretaries – and the privilege of having one was reserved for executives due to the costs associated with them.

Thanks to outsourcing, almost everyone can afford an online assistant. The tasks are flexible and range from small jobs to complete assistance because the online assistant will bill hourly.

Online assistant: possible areas of use

Depending on the requirement profile it might be worth it to hire one or more online assistants with special skills. A short training period in which the tasks to be performed are explained in detail, as well as the necessary programs and online tools will ensure problem free collaboration, just like with a real secretary.

Here are a few typical areas you can use an online assistant for:

Internet research on specific products and comprehensive information can be easily handed over to a trained online professional, and if they are available via chat or email this will save a lot of time. It can be especially useful if lists of products, companies, sources of information or topics need to be drawn up.

Good PowerPoint presentations can be very time-consuming, even if the creative work has already been done. You have the opportunity to give a rough draft to a virtual assistant to complete. The online assistant will then take care of images, consistent formatting and transition effects in accordance with your design.

An online assistant can also easily take care of simple social media activities. They will make regular postings according to your instructions, keep an eye on contact and/or customer reactions and only forward the most important things to you.

Text-based tasks such as proof-reading, transcription and simple translations are also classical areas for an online assistant. English skills are especially helpful in correspondence if someone takes a look at a text.

Keeping a blog according to exact specifications is also a good task for an online assistant, especially if it is a WordPress blog. The virtual assistant can take care of updates, comments and simple content. An online assistant can also do constant review of traffic through Google analytics.

An online assistant will screen your communication, just like a traditional secretary, which guarantees your personal amount of requests will significantly reduce.

Travel planning: If you travel a lot, the online assistant can take over the search for flights, accommodation and other information.

The time factor plays a major role

As the examples show, you can save a lot of time with an online assistant, time that you can use in other ways. You can decide if this extra time is better spent on extra work, or with your family. The low rates of an online assistant can make it interesting for both scenarios.

outsourcing4work can find you a suitable online assistant for your exact requirements. Just give us the details and we will shortly find an experienced professional for you. You will not need to concern yourself with any payment or technical coordination. We, as your European contract partner, will be responsible for it and guarantee reliable results.