India is a good choice

If you are looking for a web developer for an online presence, you face an important decision – no matter if you only want to present your business, rely on e-commerce or offer extensive content as a service portal. In any case the website is a kind of virtual business card. First impression counts for a successful business – and it’s the same for all types of devices.

You should not make any compromises when it comes to professionalism. If you have already looked for a web developer in Europe but the offers are all too expensive, you should look towards India. Many companies who are looking for a web developer land in the Asian country thanks to its excellent IT experts.

Looking for a web developer? For what project exactly?

If you are looking for a web developer, they are usually specialists in a specific subject area. The large majority are web designers experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, which they use to set up customised content management systems (CMS). WordPress comes in first place, but Joomla and Drupal are also popular CMS.

If you think of unprofessional websites with bad designs when you hear WordPress, think again! A look at the largest WordPress clients makes it clear that you can also create highly elaborate websites with the CMS: Sony Music, The New York Times, TechCrunch, BBC America, MTV News and Fortune all use WordPress. Google Ventures and Newsroom from Facebook are two of the most important internet companies that chose the CMS, despite the fact that they could both use in-house web developers to create excellent websites.

If you are not planning anything exotic, a web developer experienced in CMS is generally the right choice for you. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other important CMS like Typo3 are very flexible thanks to their modular approach. The CMS is installed onto a webserver and makes a back end available for managing and publishing content.

The page type, design and features are then set with themes and plugins. This approach lets you realise blogs, company websites, online news portals, online shops or even social networks.

Even the most complex online shops are possible thanks to extensions such as WooCommerce. For pure e-commerce websites however there are specific shop systems such as OXID, Shopware, Magento, Intershop or Hybris.

Looking for an Indian web developer? No problem!

If you want a low cost web developer who is experienced in modern CMS systems, we can flexibly help you further. We are specialised in Outsourcing to India, with more than twenty years of experience in developing content management systems.

We have already helped many customers receive an affordable online presence – our trained eyes and a network of constantly growing web developers help us find a suitable partner for every need.

And if you are only looking for a web developer to design specific expansions or additional pages, that is also not a problem. Thanks to our various models, we can offer you projects at a fixed price or contracted work billed at an hourly rate.

Our own project managers guarantee problem-free cooperation between you and your Indian web developers throughout the project.