Outsourcing to india is an affordable option

When looking for a COBOL developer, expertise comes at a price. You will often have to dig deep into your pockets even after you find the right COBOL professional. This is due to the unique categorisation of COBOL as an obsolete programming language.

COBOL, or Common Business Oriented Language, is a dinosaur of computer development. The language was developed around sixty years ago and was used with punch cards and line printers in the very beginning. Magnetic bands and floppy disks came later.

Why COBOL developers are still sought after today

These days, COBOL is hardly taught anymore, but systems based on it are still used despite its age. These are often old mainframe systems from early computer years in large institutions, such as in civil administrations. Updating these systems was usually delayed due to the high costs since modern languages and systems are far superior to COBOL.

If the decision is then made to switch to modern technology, a COBOL developer will be needed to help with the complicated transition. Since most COBOL developers are now retired, it is difficult to find one of these specialists. For this reason, some IT professionals have made a virtue of necessity and have built up their COBOL knowledge for a well-paid job. There are also pensioners who can be recruited for a high fee.

This has led to the astonishing phenomenon that COBOL, despite being nearly extinct as a programming language, is located on place 42 of the most popular languages worldwide, according to statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

COBOL developer wanted – India is the solution

If you are looking for a COBOL developer, you should not limit your search to Europe, but instead expand it to India. COBOL is not overly popular in the nation known for its IT outsourcing service providers, but some software companies have taken advantage of the shortage in COBOL professionals, and offer specialists as consultants or as project-based developers.

outsourcing4work can help you in your search and provide you with a proven COBOL professional from India for your specific project. In comparison to a European COBOL developer, you can realise large savings and reduce the expected high COBOL costs to a minimum.

With a contract with us as a European company, you will avoid bureaucratic hurdles and other business risks. We will assist you from beginning to end by recruiting the COBOL developer, supporting you throughout the project phase and with the settlement and payment of the Indian employees. In addition, one of our English and German speaking project managers will be by your side for the duration of the project to ensure perfect communication and coordination.