Data processing is our great strengths

Data processing a topic that every company will need to deal with sooner or later: it generally concerns taking data in a particular format, processing it further and recreating it in another format. This data should also be secured. No matter if it concerns customer data, accounting or human resources data: there are extremely reliable and efficient methods for data processing and data protection against loss and destruction. We advise you to trust a real professional with these important tasks.

Data processing is one of our great strengths

We can help you further at this point: we at outsourcing4work are a European outsourcing company who works together with partners in India in the field of business process outsourcing services. These Indian partners are professional companies who have specialised in the area of business process outsourcing, including data processing. India is the largest outsourcing market in the world; numerous companies around the world depend on the knowledge and professionalism of Indian companies. Our Indian partners employ hundreds of employees who focus on data processing and other office services. These employees – permanently employed at our partner companies – work quickly, precisely and accurately. You data will be absolutely safe with them. This is also an affordable alternative to hiring or letting go one of your own employees. We can offer you entirely different rates than domestic service providers – even lower than you pay your own employees – thanks to the lower cost of living in India.

Working with us pays off in more ways than one!

There are even more reasons, in addition to quality and the lower cost, that speak for us – such as the constant availability of the Indian service provider. Your data processing project that you entrust to us will be promptly and reliably completed by our Indian partner companies. The employees who work there work in shifts around the clock, seven days a week. You can hire these data processing specialists for the length of a project – or permanently. On request and depending on order volume you can also hire entire teams that will work exclusively for you. You are billed precisely down to the minute.

Interested? You can discuss all the details of the project with our project managers in Darmstadt – they have daily contact to our Indian partners and will watch over your project for its entire duration. The advantage for you: a German and English speaking project manager and a go-between for this intercultural project.

Questions on outsourcing? Then get in touch!

You will also not run any risks on the legal side: we are subject to European law as a European company, and we are your contractual partner. Try us: have one of our employees submit an individual quote for data processing, and call us if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you and consulting with you personally.